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Insidious Disease – After Death

Insidious Disease
After Death
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 09 November 2020, 5:39 PM

This is the band's second-ever album after a decade between their first release and this, it makes you wonder why. Why? That’s because the and members all have other bands they work with. Tony Laureano was a live drummer for a long list of bands including DIMMU BORGIR, BELPHEGOR and MEGADETH. Silenoz is still with DIMMU BORGIR, who don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Cryus was SATYRICON live guitarist also. These guys have all been here for a while. Let’s hear what they have done.

Soul Excavation” kicks off the album with a twisting, bending intro. Going in well with the instrumental melodies. Working up the pace nicely. The vocals aren’t as intense and aggressive as I thought they would be, but the work well with the pace the song is at. The clean-cut melodies work well to build atmosphere, but for me, it’s not as dark as I think it could be. Its not a starting song to blow the socks off, and it’s not exactly something we have never heard before.

Betrayer” starts off pretty much with how the previous one left off. Still lacking some pace. The song does nothing to show nay real variety from the previous and it almost becomes background noise, a bit boring. The pace is alright and the melodies aren’t bad, but I want more expansion. There was a chance within the final minute to blow up and really kick it off, but it never went anywhere.

Divine Fire” opens up with a slow intro, building on the instrumental melodies. The pace is even slower, the level of darkness could have dropped to play into the pace of the vocals, would have added a good potential. They should have tried out a few new things and its not like this song didn’t get them opportunities, they just never took them.

Unguided Immortality” seemed to want to try a more aggressive approach, but once again, it never went anywhere. They keep looping round to try and increase the pace, and instrumentally, they do, but the lack of aggression in the vocals, just loses all the hard work. This is the better song so far, just because they seem to try more, but it still doesn’t feel like a great song.

Invisible War” starts off with the pace taking a step back, not exactly what I was hoping for. The vocals seem darker, so maybe this is the mixing things up part of the album. This has he most aggression we have heard so far, from vocals. Still feels like they are holding back though. The pace is set to half where I think it would be most destructive.  There are a few melodies that work in well together, but they aren’t needed if they are never going to be added to.

Born into Bondage” goes into another slow opening intro. Its darker than before. There is little to no pace, but its not dark enough if it’s a slow song, nor is it heavy enough. The raspy vocals are no longer new, they are however still lacking aggression. The clean-cut guitar is a very over-used Death Metal trait and I fear it is not having the finish that it wants. The song never really goes anywhere and I think the album has already peaked.

Enforcers of the Plague” seems to have pace back place from the off. This has the best instrumental pace we have heard in a while. The vocals, not so much. Once the song hits its very low peak we don’t seem to be treated with many, if any changes, it just loops around.

An End Date With the World” continues like the previous song never ended, this trait has worn thin. The song ties to go bleak, but it just fails again. This song was not needed and it doesn’t support the album progressing in any way what so ever. Nor does “Nefarious Atonement” there is no different melodies or anything. There is no point.

Secret Sorcery” is the last song and the start of it has not changed stance from most of the album. The pace does pick up thankfully, but the lack of creativity to this point has stumped my excitement levels.

Its not for me, there is nothing that excites my interest and that has been easy to hear from the off. The album is too generic and that’s not good enough for me, no offence to the band or any of their fans.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Soul Excavation
2. Betrayer
3. Divine Fire
4. Unguided Immortality
5. Invisible War
6. Born into Bondage
7. Enforcers of the Plague
8. An End Date With the World
9. Nefarious Atonement
10. Secret Sorcery
Marc Grewe aka Groo – Lead Vocals
Sven Atle Kopperud aka Silenoz – Guitars
Shane Embury – Bass Guitar
Terje Andersen aka Cyrus – Guitars
Tony Laureano – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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