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Intelligent Music Project - Unconditioned

Intelligent Music Project
by Kevin Lewis at 15 August 2022, 12:37 PM

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT is an international supergroup formed in 2012 by Bulgarian businessman Milen Vrabevski. They’ve recently represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision contest. Unconditioned is their seventh full-length album and this is the third with vocalist Ronnie Romero. Simon Phillips of TOTO plays drums and percussion on this one as well.

The record is a mixture of various genres and influences. The opening track, “Topic” is an instrumental with Pop and Hard Rock sections. There are some nice, fluid keyboard phrases and the guitars are very well done.

The bonus tracks on this disc are two different version of “Intention.” The bonus versions are slightly different than the single. There are some nice shifts in this track. It leans more towards the Pop/Rock/New Wave genres thanks to some of the keyboard work and tunings. It still rocks, but this is not the heavy song on the album.

Sunshine Boulevard” has a great opening that shifts to almost ballad-like tones. The song slows down and gets really melodic. The vocals go big with Ronnie belting pretty hard for the chorus. The verses are bluesy and just kind of ooze along, rocking just right.

Soulmate” opens with acoustic guitars and a choir-like quality to the vocals. The track is peaceful, calm. Even when the faster section kicks in, it’s still just a catchy hook built into a Hard Rock song. “Madness” adds some accordion tones into the track, but it’s still a slower paced song meant to appeal to a broader cross-section of listener.

The last original track on the dis is “Finale Grande.” This song has a horn section built in, adding another dimension to the band. It’s got some of the heavier guitar and keyboard phrasing on the album. This is one of my favorite songs on the record because it just has more oomph to it.

INTELLIGENT MUSIC PROJECT is a band that was created to hit the radio airwaves. The songs are in that mid three-minute range, and all of them are radio friendly, not just in tone and time, but in lyrical content. The songs are safe and catchy and won’t start any arguments over dinner. Temptation is a record you can use to introduce your skeptical friends to harder rock without scaring them, like a gateway record to metal.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Topic
2. Intention
3. Sunshine Boulevard
4. How
5. Blue Morning
6. Soulmate
7. The Long Ride
8. Madness
9. And Stars Never Fall
10. Spirit
11. Wait for the Night
12. New Hero
13. Finale Grande
14. Intention (ESC 2022)
15. Intention (Singback)
Ronnie Romero – Vocals
Carl Sentence – Backing Vocals
Slavin Slavchev – Backing Vocals
Borislav Mudolov-Kosatkata – Backing Vocals
Dimitar Sirakov – Bass
Simon Phillips – Drums/Percussion
Biser Ivanov – Guitar
Ivo Stefanov – Piano/Keyboards/Strings/Orchestration
Samuel Eftimov – Piano/Keyboards
Milen Vrabevski – Strings/Orchestrations
Record Label: Intelligent Music


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