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Internal Organs External - The Brutality of Tomorrow

Internal Organs External
The Brutality of Tomorrow
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 November 2022, 1:11 PM

As Metal genres evolve and gain different external influences, things become far from the original features to fit in new ideals and models that are proposed by bands. And in Brutal Death Metal, things aren’t different, because the basis created by acts as SUFFOCATION, DYING FETUS and MORTICIAN, with contributions of CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORBID ANGEL, had to evolve. And on the work of the North American one man band INTERNAL ORGANS EXTERNAL shown on “The Brutality of Tomorrow” (it’s second full-length) one can have an idea of how evolution works.

One will have the clear idea that it’s a Brutal/Slam Death Metal release, but permeated by strong influences of modern Deathcore (due the modern instrumental tunes used and low grunts). The musical content of the album is (on the greater part of time) based on slow tempos and nasty ambiences, with grunts being presented in extreme low tunes (and with some high-pitched screams in some moments), and solid and technical instrumental parts. It’s full of energy, aggressive and can be hard to some Brutal Death Metal fans to deal with (due the modern influences named above), but for those that just want to hear to brutal music without worrying with labels and descriptions, this album is a full banquet. Miguel Tereso is the name of the one who mixed and mastered the songs of “The Brutality of Tomorrow”, and the goal of sounding modern, oppressive and brutal was achieved. But always in a modern and defined way that allows the fans to understand what’s expressed on the songs. And as guests, three vocalists are on the album to give a different touch: Zachariah Jackson on “Propagating the Execution”, Clayton Meade on “Oil Embalmment”, and Larry Wang        on “Entombed in Concrete”.

For those that are into modern expressions of Brutal Death Metal, “The Brutality of Tomorrow” for sure will have a strong appeal, especially due songs as “Propagating the Execution” (a brutal and slow song based on the contrasts of the vocals, and conducted by very good guitars), “Visceral Desolation” (another moment of the album based on slow tempos and oppressive ambiences, but with a very good work presented by bass guitar and drums), “Oil Embalmment” (the ears will ache in some moments for sure, because the contrasts between slow and fast tempos are unexpected in some moments), “Proximity of Bone” (some parts with groove make this song a bit different, but’s good), and “Entombed in Concrete”.          But one must be aware: this album is totally for fans of Brutal Death Metal, so it’s hard for fans of other extreme Metal genres to deal with it for the first time.

It’s obvious that INTERNAL ORGANS EXTERNAL is a good name in its Metal subgenre, but the idea given by “The Brutality of Tomorrow” is that the band can really do better.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Propagating the Execution
2. Cybernetic Rebirth
3. Visceral Desolation
4. Callous Psyche
5. Oil Embalmment
6. Soaked in Obliteration
7. Proximity of Bone
8. Entombed in Concrete
9. Articulated Sycophant
10. Flesh of the Ghost
Vince Otero - All instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Vicious Instinct Records


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