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Internal Suffering - Choronzonic Force Domination (CD)

Internal Suffering
Choronzonic Force Domination
by Evi Tsitsi at 16 February 2005, 5:29 PM

What's the matter with these Colombian guys?! They don't even take a breath in order to play their filled with blast beats blast beasts holocaust. Brutal Death Metal done in the American savage way. Definitely you haven't heard such speed in an album again.
Internal Suffering, previously known as Suffer, feature erstwhile Ritual guitarist Leandro. The band supported visitors to Colombia Incantation and Sodom during 1997. In 2000 the band signed with the Spanish Repulse Records which resulted in their debut album, Supreme Knowledge Domain. In 2001 Internal Suffering cut the six track mini album Unmercyful Examination for the Japanese Macabre Mementos label. In March of 2002 the band opened shows in Colombia for Cannibal Corpse. Original drummer Fabio Ramirez, having already lifted his name with bands like Infernal Hate and Carnal, made a return to the Internal Suffering drum position in November 2003. The band entered Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida in April 2004 to record Chroronzonic Force Domination. Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel would be at the production helm.
Speed, savageness and pure holocaust are the terms that define this album to a high extent. Speed levels that cannot be caught. The songs sound as if they're trying to forestall something; what, I don't know and why in such a hurry I also don't know! The whole album is very well played and has a very nice production, but this constantly up moving speed doesn't let you focus, not for a single second, on the other parts/ instruments of the songs. After all that it's not required for me to tell you what kind of vocals await for you…Yup, you guessed it right!
Thirty minutes later, after listening to abysmal, maniac and rapid Death Metal, my head was gonna explode but that can only be a good sign for the firm adherents.

3 Star Rating

Choronzonic Force Domination
Summon The Gods Of Chaos
Across The Tenth Aethyr
Baphomet Invocation
Dagon's Rising
Dispersion And Darkness
Orbiting Chaosphere
Enter The Gate Of Death
Fabio Marin - Vocals
Leandro Quiza - Guitars
Andres Garcia - Bass & Backing Vocals
Fabio Dr. Grinder Ramirez - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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