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Intricated - Apocalyptic Metamorphosis Award winner

Apocalyptic Metamorphosis
by Joganegär at 14 January 2022, 10:01 PM

For the mainstream influenced, trend following, social media driven, everyday kid, or at least the ones I’ve had the chance to coexist with lately; Death Metal is far from being exciting, thrilling or even bearable: which makes me wonder If maybe the quality of the individuals, groups and even countries that find this subgenre of Metal quite the opposite of what the mass is led to believe is forged by a very peculiar feature which is reserved to the very few and the proud. It is then, that the bittersweet sentiment about the future of the world and mostly of music is instantly restored when recalling how as a teen, bands like BROKEN HOPE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and mostly DEATH, allowed me to keep the well of the soul pure and free from the zombified slaves all around me; This is the exact mood that “Apocalyptic Metamorphosis” by INTRICATED, the decade and a half experienced death metal authorities from one of the least likely countries to reproduce such metal subgenre has arisen in yours truly.

I’ve always had a very special endearment for Thailand, its culture, the pride and history of its inhabitants and the fact that it remained as one of the rare lands never to be colonized by western powers, and the verity that it has produced a band such as INTRICATED, can only add to the fondness and admiration originated from the once mighty kingdom of Siam.

 To the obtuse mind, it may be nothing but an insufferable emission of noise made to stress the mind and some have gone as far as to call it music that enables violent, uncontrollable behavior that no one really listens to; But have the characters that spill such opinions ever really listened to it? Maybe few can understand, recognize and mostly appreciate the different hues that are depicted in an album such as “Apocalyptic Metamorphosis” and the dexterity and prowess needed to create produce and perform a musical piece of work such as this new release.

“Impaling the Emperor” is the best example of how INTRICATED has managed to master the techniques, methods and mostly the attitude needed to enter the vaults of the Metal Temple dedicated to the butchering yet sublime recipe created by the once Master Chef Chuck Schuldiner. With three minutes and fifty seconds that depict and delight the ears and heart of Death Metal enthusiast regardless of gender, nationality or age. The changes in rhythm, tonality and the elements of what make a record great are only enhanced by the quality and professionality of the production. If every music album is designed to be a journey, then “Apocalyptic Metamorphosis” enables the listener to be transported to the golden age of Death Metal right in the twenty first century and the concept of a raw, unforgiving and whole piece of material which one might find as a solace in this shallow world in order to reinforce that feeling that finally reminds that there is a profound reason why our beloved subculture along with all its subgenres is not for everyone.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Sixth Invisible Light of the Unobserved Heterogeneity Dimension
2. Ruthless Domination
3. Impaling the Emperor
4. Summoning the Abyzou
5. An experimentation of Genocide (Unit 731)
6. Flagitious Meditation
7. The Manifest of Apocalyptic Variation
8. Enigmatic Portal of Demise
9. Interdimensional Being
10. Iniquitous Creatures
Panyawat Sridee - Vocals
Wasumit Wongwai – Bass
Jeeraset Paemongkol – Guitar
Pratchaya Phadungthin- Drums
Record Label: Comatose Music


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