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Irdorath - Götterdämmerung MMXXII

Götterdämmerung MMXXII
by Andrew Harvey at 24 July 2022, 6:49 AM

This black and thrash metal band took their name originally from a computer game called GOTHIC II as IRDORATH is the same name as an island in the game. This band came to form in 2005 with a very different lineup with vocalist SCHNITTER, guitarist PESTEN, bassist ASTAROTH and drummer CHAOS. With this lineup they released a demo titled ERWACHEN in 2006 and their debut album GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG (ZORN DE ELEMENTE) in 2007. Before their next release came the lineup changed as three of the original members left, the remaining two did eventually also leave. Their second album DEKONSTRUKTEUR DES FLEISCHES arrived in 2010 which certainly received a lot of positive reviews as they then set their eyes on blending black and thrash metal together.

Their following release I AM RISEN in 2013 was another success story in itself containing English lyrics for a change as their previous albums were sung in German. In 2017 came their fourth album DENIAL OF CREATION also doing very well as did their fifth album in 2020 THE FINAL SIN. They now have released an EP re-recording tracks from their debut album as the EP is called GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG MMXXII. Starting with “Der Flammen Preis” as thundering drums, stroll in with flaming guitar hot and steaming swiping through as sinister vocals speak. The tempo is very much an element of thrash metal and guitar with vocals brings out the black metal alternative for a three minute track.

“Windgeist” as wind howls before a stimulating drum crescendo brings in other instruments in the second track as drums and guitar chase after each other. The tempo is fast as a thrash influenced track should be then pulls back slightly the varies till the end. “Form Des Todes” as a scream from the previous track sets the mood to the third chapter of this EP with decisive drum patterns and grinding guitar tearing through the audio spectrum. Pulsating at first then slowing down to allow clarity from the drums and cunning guitar hooks as vocals bow out shortly. They come back then go again but closing with the rising guitar/drums. “Bald Ersäult Die Menschenbrut” is up next stamping down on the surface below with guitar joining drums for non stop projection.

Whispering agitated vocals spring into action as they do slow down later on in the track. All instruments come crashing in so take cover as we go into “Die Rache Des Baumes”. Guitar picking binded with cymbal hits as the boomy black metal comes out more but with thrash rhythm style drums kicking and screaming. A big screech like a horrifying scene of a thriller or horror film, frightening indeed. “Götterdämmerung” throbbing like mad with drums as guitar throws like a catapult but quicker and direct hit. Vocals come back stunning the audio spectrum with sinister screams the we head into “Novemberkrieg” which is a bonus track.

Drums settle down giving leeway for guitar and bass to become a storm of chaos. Jaw dropping as ever especially as this is the last track off this EP it does give closure to what has been very intriguing and insane as all instruments are pretty placed and drive the narrative. This band is good and this EP shows and proves that not all is lost in justifying the motive behind the craftsmanship of this album. These guys are bound for more success and they deserve all the credit they can get.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Der Flammen Preis
2. Windgeist
3. Form Des Todes
4. Bald Ersäuft Die Menschenbrut
5. Die Rache Des Baumes
6. Götterdämmerung
7. Novemberkrieg
Markus Leitner - Vocals + Guitars
Mario ‘Isiul’ Scheiber - Guitars
Mario Jackisch - Bass Guitar
Thomas Leitner - Drums
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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