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Iron Angel - Emerald Eyes Award winner

Iron Angel
Emerald Eyes
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 August 2020, 4:36 AM

Speed Metal was a genre that was built on some continental countries Europe as an answer to NWOBHM (as happened on USA as well, mind you all). And it’s not a sin that ACCEPT caused a Metal earthquake on Germany back in the early days of the 80’s that caused aftershocks that can be felt even today throughout the world. And a legend was born on Hamburg on those days: the quintet IRON ANGEL. And it’s not an exaggeration to say that “Hellish Crossfire” and “Winds of War” could smash other rising names from the country, because the band was on a higher level that its contemporaneous mates on music. But something happened, the band ceased to exist with everything on its hands. But they’re back again, with this angel spreading its wings with “Emerald Eyes”.

Their music is the same heavy, melodic and thunderous form of German Power/Speed Metal from the 80’s, but sharpened by time. The energy is amazing, the technical insight is very good, but never being the most important feature on their music. It’s the amazing capacity to create hooks in such aggressive and nasty form of music. The choruses, the classic shape of it all…well, it’s something extremely personal from IRON ANGEL, so take a listening and be blown away by their metallic attack! The sound quality of “Emerald Eyes” fits on the modern needs for something clean and defined; but the band has a personal and organic way to play its music, so it’s not difficult to see that the guys entered the studio, set their gears and played out loud in a way that reminds the same one from the past. It’s a mix between the classic and the new, and it’s good.

If you’re thinking that they are up to live from the past, forget it. Life is the main aspect of the songs of “Emerald Eyes”. All of them are a feast for the Metalheads that missed the 80’s (those who lived on those days, please), but present to the fans a massive and hooking form of music. The best ones: the fast set of melodies of “Sacred Slaughter” (excellent vocals, and what a great and catchy chorus), the massive German Metal onslaught of “Descend” (impossible to not surrender to such heavy melodies, and bass guitar and drums are creating an impacting and solid rhythm), the 80’s German Metal elements shown on “Sands of Time” and on “Emerald Eyes” (these guitars are really excellent, with nasty and melodic catchy riffs), the weighty melodic appeal of “Fiery Winds of Death” (what a lovely chorus), the fast parts  of “Sacrificed” (that could be easily on “Hellish Crossfire”, because some elements of the album can be heard, especially on the contrasts of the fast melodies with the backing vocals), and the fast heavy attack of “Heaven in Red” (again a fast song, with the vocals of Dirk in great shape). They’re just for a first time on the album, because on the second, this angel will invite you to a flight into German Metal world!

“Emerald Angel” is that kind of album that can make an old Metalhead shed tears of happiness. And thank you, Dirk, Robert, Nino, Didy, and Mäx for such great music, and bringing me great memories. Fly, IRON ANGEL!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

5 Star Rating

1. Sacred Slaughter
2. Descend
3. Sands of Time
4. Demons
5. What We’re Living For
6. Emerald Eyes
7. Fiery Winds of Death
8. Sacrificed
9. Bridges Are Burning
10. Heaven in Red
11. Dark Sorcery  
Dirk Schröder - Vocals
Robert Altenbach - Guitars
Nino Helfrich - Guitars
Didy Mackel - Bass
Mäx Behr - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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