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Iron Curtain - Danger Zone

Iron Curtain
Danger Zone
by Jojo Hamilton at 23 November 2019, 2:44 PM

IRON CURTAIN is a 4-piece band from Murcia, Spain. The band have been together since 2007. Fast-forward to 2019, they bring us the new album “Danger Zone”. An-8 track album which is fast-paced and classic in its own right. A Heavy Metal album with bite, screeching vocals and magnetic riffs. The instrumentals are heavy and fast. The drums come at you in heavy sets, an album to hit the volume on. There are tones of speed in the playing style which are pleasant on the ear and easy to head bang along to. “Danger Zone” is a fine album to listen to, enjoyable and easily heavy. One fans can really sink their teeth into.

On the 8-track album, there are several note-worthy songs worth listening out for. Song number two, “Stormbound” is one such song; showing the power behind the band's music, it is a fun song with dark undertones. A song with an intense musical background. Another song worth listening to would be the self-titled “Danger Zone”. A track which opens as heavy as it carries on. A 4 minutes 59 second-long song which beats out a fine rhythm throughout. Welcoming you to the danger zone with open arms.  Also give a listen to song number four, “Mad Dogs”, an up-beat track displaying the powerful vocals we are used to hearing from IRON CURTAIN.  Also worth noting is song number seven, “Rough Riders”. A 3 minutes 39 seconds-long song that thrashes those guitars into submission behind the vocals which scream out to the listener. With an instrumental which is fast angry and hot. A song not to be missed on this fine collection.

The band have continued to produce excellent music and fine lyrics over the years, and the new album “Danger Zone” shows they are in no way finished yet. A great album to add to the ever growing collection of albums, singles and EP’s. In my opinion, “Danger Zone” is one of the finer pieces of work done by IRON CURTAIN over the years. I’m sure we have more to hear from the band in the future. The Spanish quartet have a long way to go yet in their musical career. An album not to be missed by fans old and new. A fine piece of musical majesty.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Wildlife
2. Stormbound
3. Rock Survivors
4. Mad Dogs
5. Danger Zone
6. The Running Man
7. Rough Riders
8. Lonewolf
Mike - Vocals, Guitars
Joserra - Bass
Cachorro - Guitars
Alberto - Drums
Record Label: Anger Battery Records


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