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Iron Fate - Crimson Messiah

Iron Fate
Crimson Messiah
by Ricardo Casagrande at 03 January 2022, 1:16 PM

German band IRON FATE has returned with their second full length album Crimson Messiah. With a gap of 11 years since the release of the band’s debut Cast In Iron in 2010, the group seems to embrace the old school heavy metal sound, blended with some hair metal and a little thrash to bring you face to face with the Crimson Messiah.

The album starts out with the “Crimson Messiah”, a classic metal riff, with a solid guest guitar solo by Jost Schlüter and some strong bass fills, leads this speedy portrayal of the messiah himself, and also sets the tone for much of the album. Denis’ vocals come to life in the second track “Malleus Messiah”, with a powerful echoing chant and his ability to belt out some high notes. The track flows right into the mid tempo “We Rule The Night”, and right off the bat could be mistaken for a JUDAS PRIEST tune. From the guitar work, to the lyrics and overall feel of the song, is a late 70’s, early 80”s anthem in it’s own. The next track that I would like to talk about is “Strangers”, due to the different set up of the song from what you have heard already, it stands out on the album to me. The song starts out melancholy and builds itself into a force throughout without being rushed and carries a Dio-like resemblance in song structure. Strong vocals, battering drums, and on-point guitars, carry this nine and half minute tune well without leaving you unsatisfied.

“Hellish Queen” falls into place with dual guitars riding high and soaring vocals, along with a bass line that is the body to the song and would bring a smile to the face of Steve Harris. A classic written song of temptation and pain that only a hellish queen could ignite. The remaining tracks on the album have an old school melodic sound and that stands true with “Guardians Of Steel”. Guitars standing tall side by side and piercing vocals bring a memory of old British metal, with visions of impenetrable steel all around. The final track takes you down the heavy metal memory road with “Lost Forever”. A fitting end to the album, and a nice little bonus that has a steady feeding of classic riffs and vocals that cast a will to want to go and suit up with leather.

This is a good album, and is well produced. Although a little repetitive near the middle of the album, it is taken off course with “Strangers”, and brings you back with interest, as it is a very well written song and has a place of its own as a single in my opinion. Whether or not you are looking to go back in time with the album, that is what it is going to do for you. Tread carefully and beware, for you may never come back!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Crimson Messiah
2. Malleus Maleficarum
3. We Rule The Night
4. Crossing Shores
5. Mirage
6. Strangers (In My Mind)
7. Hellish Queen
8. Guardians Of Steel
9. Saviors Of The Holy Lie
10. Lost Forever (Bonus Track)
Denis Brosowski - Vocals
Harms Wendler - Guitars
Oliver von Daak - Guitars
Jan Sasse - Bass
Kai Ludwig - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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