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Iron Savior - Reforged: Riding on Fire

Iron Savior
Reforged: Riding on Fire
by Saxon Davids at 31 January 2018, 6:49 AM

IRON SAVIOR are a pretty well-known name now in the field of Power Metal… With over 20 years on the scene and 10 studio album to their name, the band have pulled together a collection of songs they feel to be their best of the best throughout their 2 decade career and re-recorded them for fans of the older and now unaccessable albums, and to also pull in newcomer fans such as myself onto their earlier works. I myself am a guy who has known of IRON SAVIOR for a while and has heard a good number of tracks, specifically their 2011 release "The Landing", and whilst I do like the band and their music, I'm not overly familiar at all with most of their discography, so "Re-Forged - Riding On Fire" is a great opportunity for me to really dig in to the music of IRON SAVIOR.

I did go on to YouTube to a couple of older songs for contrast and the most notable change firstly is the quality of production, it's great to hear these older song such as "Eye To Eye", "Tales Of The Bold", "Iron Savior" and Re-forged title track "Riding On Fire" with clearer and crisp production. Not to mention the incredible vocals of Piet Sielck having improved a lot since the band's early days, and with the band's now consistent line-up; this album sounds tight, powerful and showcases a lot of high energy throughout! "Re-Forged - Riding On Fire" is a double album jammed packed with faced paced, heavy riffing, a thunderous rhythm section with Jan S. Eckert and Thomas Nack and sky-high anthemic choruses sure to get you hooked and singing along as soon as they hit your ear drums! Not to mention the absolute stellar twin-guitar attack of Piesel Küstner and Piet Sielck, dual guitar harmonies and solos on this record are truly astonishing.

This album is the perfect heavy metal album for driving fast down the highway or partying with your Heavy Metal friends, the grooves and choruses on this album never get stale and hold just as much power and intensity however often you give this one a listen and is perfect for giving a power metal fan like myself a shortcut to the bands entire discography. I will most certainly be on the hunt for IRON SAVIOR's back catalogue. My one wish however for this album would be that one or two slower or ballady songs made the cut if the band have any, because although the quality of music is astounding, it is occasionally easy to get lost within 19 tracks of pure high-octane heavy metal. This is definitely a must have for IRON SAVIOR fans and indeed fans of the Power Metal genre, a truly magnificent display of passion, growth and nostalgia!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Riding On Fire
2. Battering Ram
3. Brave New World
4. Prisoner Of The Void
5. Titans Of Our Time
6. Eye To Eye
7. For The World
8. Mindfeeder
9. Watcher In The Skye
10. Mind Over Matter
11. Warrior
12. Iron Savior
13. Tales Of The Bold
14. No Heroes
15. Break The Curse
16. Condition Red
17. Protector
18. I’ve Been To Hell
19. Atlantis Falling 
Piet Sielck - Guitar & Vocals
Piesel Küstner - Guitar
Jan S. Eckert - Bass guitar
Thomas Nack - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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