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Iron Savior - Megatropolis (CD)

Iron Savior
by Grigoris Chronis at 14 June 2007, 9:22 PM

There are bands that rise to spectacular fame due to someone(s) 'related' to them. The same bands - sooner or later - seem to fall apart at the seams, since - the truth is - it needs lots more than only some good PR behaviour. German metallers IRON SAVIOR began - back in 1997 - with a strong 'ace' in their sleeve: Kai Hansen's involvement in the band. And - do not forget - the mid-90's was Kai's most successful post-HELLOWEEN period. Thankfully, plus wise enough for those aware of IRON SAVIOR's potential - Hansen's departure in 2001 would not hurt the band that much. This year's Megatropolis confirms the above belief.
Many Metal fans now know who is Piet Sielck, finally. Obsessed(?) with science fiction themes - a familiar case is obvious in the SCANNER camp, too - he succeeded in not letting things loose post-2001. And if 2002's Condition Red was an album that did not pull any heartstrings - even if being a rather good JUDAS PRIEST-inspired album - IRON SAVIOR seemed rather confident on carrying on no-matter-what (many readers may recall health issues bedevilling the band, at the time). Sielk is man occupying himself with countless album productions or band participations or artists' management, but IRON SAVIOR is a band needed in the Metal ranks, too. Hence, 2004's Metallizer was welcomed with much of applaud - bassist Yenz Leonhardt (ex-KINGDOME COME) being the 'new kid in town' - bat now, by listening to Megatropolis again and again, I feel this 2007 release is destined to leave a greater mark in our metallic minds. Call it what you want, but IRON SAVIOR are on the loose again and we should act 'thumbs up!' towards Piet…again.
The SCANNER parallelism mentioned above was not by accident. I feel IRON SAVIOR having much in common with their Heavy/Speed Metal compatriots. Of course, the JUDAS PRIEST mark is still visible and - by the way - I saw I'm listening to some post-90s RAGE in Megatropolis. An album spotted by a 'harsh' production, keeping itself far away from 'happy' Euro Metal bands' sounds. If someone states that there are many 'modern'parts in Megatropolis he will as well be correct…and false, at the same time. This, since IRON SAVIOR - due to their 'refreshing' songwriting formula - manage to let you see now elements only if you want to (or if you're experienced into). Otherwise, Megatropolis is all about all-times-range Heavy Metal the German way, with loads of riffs, killer solos, solid rhythm section and traditional vocals from Sielck. Cyber Hero rolls like thunder in an 80s Metal tempo and Flesh starts off in a electric lead prelude transformed into a 'modern' pompous groove in the RAGE vein. Again: I saw many similarities to the legendary German trio here. Just to clear things out.
The rest of the tracklist is of added value - Running Riot confirms why Germany is the land of solid Metal music the last 20 years - while Still I Believe features a breathtaking 'atmospheric' riff with Sielck's (or Peavy Wagner's) vocals sounding slightly 'computerized'. On the other hand, would you expect to add such vibe to a space-related (again) album?
The sixth album from IRON SAVIOR stands - in my opinion - one step above the bands 21st century releases. Up-to-date only where needed, Megatropolis stands tall in delivering some strong musicianship supported by notable compositions. Heavy Metal and only: seems too naive to you? Then try to compose harmonies for such beautiful guitar leads, occupy yourself with 'binding' verses/choruses/bridges and - most of all - propose an 'updated' approach by producing this album with a (relatively) 'retro' sound. IRON SAVIOR - as far as I'm concerned - has delivered a very good album. And, since there's no 7.5 grade in the mag's rating scale, let's turn up the volume to Cybernatic Queen again, now sounding…

4 Star Rating

Running Riot
The Omega Man
Cybernatic Queen
Cyber Hero
A Tale From Down Below
Still I Believe
Farewell And Good Bye
Hammerdown (digipack bonus)
Thomas Nack - Drums & Percussion
Joachim Piesel Kustner - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Yenz Leonhardt - Bass & Backing Vocals
Piet Sielck - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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