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Irreverence - Scapegoat

by Neil Cook at 17 January 2021, 9:19 PM

IRREVERENCE are long time served Thrash/Doom Metal Band from Milan Italy.  Based around the core members “Ricky” (Riccardo) and Davide and various bassists and guitarists since 1995. The current line up played on “Scapegoat”, this their latest EP.  The title track being a new song, and the other three are rerecording’s of songs from their back catalogue, that fit well with their current direction, a more back to their roots Thrash/Doom sound.

Scapegoat” opens the EP.  A tune built on a intricate drum sound, with some equally technical soloing, full of time changes and little cameos and flourishes. Topped off with a suitable gravely vocal.  A damn fine example of Thrash Metal.  More like this one please.

3092” and “Darkening Their Light” come originally from their 2003 LP “Target: Hate”.   Both are fairly straight ahead Thrash outings, but for me “Darkening Their Light” edges it because of its intensity and the anger packed into just under three minuets.  “3092” chucks in everything including the kitchen sink, and whilst it has great moment, the drumming is again excellent, and there is some amazing guitar and bass on the track, it tries too hard to cram so much into its length, and looses the edge for me.

Leaving “War Was Won” from their 2006 album of the same name to finish the album. Sitting somewhere between “Darkening..” and “Scapegoat” stylistically, Thrashier than the latter, and more intricate than the former, it has some very suitable shredding and a freight-train drum beat.

So if “Scapegoat” the track illustrates their future direction, their next record will be a great one.   You can see the progression over the older material, a bit more restraint here, and honing of composition there, without losing the passion and heaviness.  If this version of the band can weather the current global storm, I look forward to reviewing the next one.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Scapegoat
2. 3092
3. Darkening Their Light
4. War Was Won
Ricky Paioro - Guitar, Vocals
Davide Firinu - Drums
Andrea Sangalli - Bass
Marco Colombo - Guitar
Record Label: STF Records


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Edited 09 March 2021

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