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Irreverence – Still Burns Award winner

Still Burns
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 01 January 2019, 5:37 PM

Coming to us from the great country of Italy come the Thrash/Death Metal band IRREVERENCE. Their latest album “Still Burns” burns a hole right into my metal heart. The album begins with the song “So Far, So Good” and right out the gates it blasts you into the stratosphere. The first thing I loved about it were the vocals by Riccardo Paioro. He has a wonderful Death Metal vocal style. The other thing that stood out to me were the Guitars played by Eros Melis as well as Riccardo Paioro.

The second song “Hate Still Burns” kicks in with immeasurable fury and had me immediately banging my head. The Drums played by Davide Firinu are played really well on this track. And I love the fact that I can actually hear Bassist Stefano Trulla on this song. It’s not every day that you can really hear a bassist. Up next we have the track “Blind Times” which starts off very melodic and around the one and half minute mark transitions into something that reminds me of old school AT THE GATES. This song really kicks ass and I truly enjoyed every second of it.

The next one up is the song called “Stylized Social Realism” which is utterly fantastic. I really enjoyed all of it but the guitar solo really caught my attention. Caution if you listen to this song while driving you may accidentally end up speeding and get pulled over.  The fifth song and halfway mark on the album is called “Know Who I Am”. This song is fucking amazing and beautifully written. It sent me into immediate headbanging mode. This song is by far my favorite so far on “Still Burns”.

“Groomed Wall Skip” is the next one up on this trip through a wonderfully written album. If this song doesn’t make you start a pit instantly wherever you are, I would wonder if you even like metal. The Vocals on this song are absolutely stunning but all the other instruments are equally amazing. It has a wonderful melody to it and still hits hard.

“Scumbags” is the seventh song on the album and really shows the bands Thrash side. It’s a really great song and I enjoyed listening to it. But what really caught me was the track that follows “The Choice”. This song has to be tied at number one favorite on the album. Every single last second of this track is amazing. The guys outdid themselves on this one and I suggest you go listen to this one ASAP!

“Skyscrapers” comes in hard and heavy and is unrelenting with it’s brutal in your face sound. I sat here and my heart started pounding out of my chest. The first thought I had was “Damn this song is fucking amazing!”. It is probably one of the best songs on the album by far! The final song on this fantastic album is the song “6.01” which is a very fitting end to such a great album. It has a bit of everything in it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great album and I suggest you pick this one up as fast as you can!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. So Far, So Good
2. Hate Still Burns
3. Blind Times
4. Stylized Social Realism
5. Know Who I Am
6. Groomed Wall Skip
7. Scumbags
8. The Choice
9. Skyscrapers
10. 6.01
Davide Firinu – Drums
Riccardo Paioro – Guitars/Vocals
Stefano Trulla – Bass
Eros Melis – Guitars
Record Label: STF Records


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Edited 19 September 2019

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