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Irritation - Taste the Floor Award winner

Taste the Floor
by Yoav "Steel" Weinberg at 17 June 2015, 12:49 AM

"Taste the floor" is a fast short ride. It's like a roller coaster that never has to climb up. It's just rushing down at full speed throwing you at any direction leaving you with a taste for more. I thought of that before I even looked at the song names and was pleasantly surprised later to find that the first track on this one is called "Rollercoaster Deathride".

If I had heard this EP 10 years ago it probably would become one of my top 10. They call their style Hyperthrash, I don't know if I would call this Thrash Metal because I'm old fashioned but I guess it's modern Thrash Metal. Anyway they are surely hyperactive. But let's go to the cover art first. The first thing came to my mind was "Vulgar Display Of Power" by PANTERA. A black and white photo of a guys' face smashed into the floor from the floor point of view.

First song starts at with some lady voice telling you it's the last ride you will ever take. She hasn’t finished 2 words and the music was already punching me in the face. Great riffs, great drumming, the vocals are not of my taste but they are good with enough thought put into them. Shout alongs at the right places, moving nicely from lower pitched to higher pitched. Second song is just as great, except that riff that MESHUGGAH have been over-doing on their song "Bleed". But the sound and drumming makes it something else and cool. Still I don't think anyone is allowed to play this riff anymore. Anyway, like anything on this this has gone fast enough. Sometime they remind me of SOILWORK on their first 2 albums but I haven't heard them for at least 7 years so I hope I'm not mistaking. Anyway, this short EP is a must if you like your music fast and furious. Go see them live if you like to smash into others on the pit cause this will make you spastic.

4 Star Rating

1. Rollercoaster Deathride
2. Justified
3. Concrete Man
4. Cold Shoulder Shell Shock
5. Taste the Floor
Cees Heijdel - Vocals
Bram Peters - Guitar, Vocals
Davy Schoeder - Guitars
CW de Boer - Bass
Frank Ruisch - Drums, Programming
Record Label: Independent


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