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Isacaarum - Retrorgy Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 February 2019, 7:41 AM

IMPALED NAZARENE appeared during the 90’s, mixing influences from Hardcore, Grindcore, Black Metal and Thrash Metal in a way that is charming, outrageous and nasty (the political correctness fools and SJW warriors perceive them as long as they can, in desperation to shut up the freedom of speech), and they are a strong influence for many bands today. And the quartet ISACAARUM, from Czech Republic, can be said one of them, because it’s a clear influence for them that can be heard on “Retrorgy”.

Adding some influences from Gore Grindcore, and with a savage and sexist insight, their music shows a strong personality, with aggressive elements stomping flat the eardrums of everyone that dares to listen to “Retrorgy”. But their music is charming, with that outrageous and nasty elements that fans of the extreme Metal genres will love. It’s truly sick, bombastic, and excellent! The sound quality of the album seems to mix the right amount of sharp aggressiveness with a smashing weight, but always guided by the comprehension that the fans must understand what is being played by the band. It’s something that can smash your bones, but with a clean and defined sound quality.

Nine brutal songs are presented on the album, but the furious “XXX-Rapist & Goregasm” (very good vocals, indeed, in a similar way to Mika Luttinen in some moments), the Hardcore thrashing fury of “Bitchbrigade”, the fast and short “Mao-Sochism” (excellent guitars, and the title means like a joke with the dead dictator Mao, from China), the presence of very good grunts on “Arts of Farts”, and the high energy of Hardcore presented on “Vagina Panzerfaust” (a solid and technical work from bass guitar and drums can be heard) are atomic fists in the face of SJW and political correctness preachers. “Retrorgy” is an extremely funny album to be heard at the loudest volume possible, and thanks to ISACAARUM for delivering such good music to the world.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. XXX-Rapist & Goregasm
2. Bitchbrigade
3. Integrated Vulva Hacker
4. Mao-Sochism
5. Cumshot Combat
6. Arts of Farts
7. Teenage Cunt Powerplay
8. Vagina Panzerfaust
9. Clyster Squad
Tomáš “Chymus” Hanzl - Vocals
Bambus - Guitars
Patrik “Vlakin” Staněk - Bass
Ferenc 777 - Drums
Record Label: MetalGate Records


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