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Isiulusions - I - Follow The Flow Award winner

I - Follow The Flow
by Barry Valentine at 07 October 2020, 6:33 PM

Here we are with another kickass band from Austria. I couldn’t really find much info for these guys. They seem to be fairly new, but that doesnt matter, we’re here to learn about them together. I have been able to find out that they are from Graz, Styria, their speciality is handmade metal music so let's do this! The album starts us off with “Feeding On The Grime”, and its a strong start. A quick count into speeding guitar chords, a steady high octane riff, and lyrics. I really dig this tune, it’s not really what i would consider black metal, but it’s definitely good. The song is very memorable, the lyrics are good, and the band performs well.

The next song is “Seas Of Darkness”, and unlike the first, starts off a little slower. A melodic intro before the distorted guitar enters. The opening verse comes in after the song picks up, and it almost has this “Type O Negative” before going into the growled chorus. A jamming song, after the second chorus the vocals change up to the heavy screamed vocals, and then finishes back into the softer, smother chorus. I liked it, thought it was well done. The third song “Miss No One” starts off fast, but then goes back to the sang vocals from the last song. I really like the range of the singer to switch from singing, to screaming. The band changes up each song from fast heavy metal, to melodic breakdowns, and back to heavy rage. The consistent change from heavy to light fits every song, and the band nails it.

The following song “The Hermit” is again completely different from the last. Hard heavy start and immediately into the lyrics. A visceral attack from the guitars, and percussion, as the singer spews vial lyrics from the pit of his stomach. A completely different showing from what we’ve seen. This is black metal at its finest. Now here we are, song number five “Fire Is No Harm”. These intros are completely unpredictable. From furious fast, to soft and melodic, to this one. Not fast, not melodic, but metal nonetheless. A catchy riff met with heavier chords before almost slowing to a stop for the opening verse. I haven’t heard a song yet that I wanted to skip. The consistent change ups, the breakdowns, keep you waiting to see what's coming next.

Moving onto the next song “Way Back Home”. This one starts off with chanting the verse before joining in with the band with these slow, dark heavy chords that continue as the chanting starts again. The growled lyrics that follow are great with the tone of the song, the melodic breakdown, with the heavily distorted palm muted rapid session of chugs make this song great! So I’ve jumped ahead a little bit. I”ve been babbling on and on from one track to another, and I feared I was going to run too long. I’m going to break down “Sentenced To Misery”. The song starts of with a melodic guitar riff, but thundering percussions. The song is another level of the range the band can exceed. With sang, and screamed vocals from both singers at the same time, a very memorable song, chorus, and a long dark scream mid way through. Great song!

Overall I probably went on and on too long about this album, but damnit man i enjoyed it! The songs, the instrumentals, I listened to the album from start to end, and I didn’t want to skip any songs. This is the album that makes you appreciate your job. I get to hear so much new music, some hard to get through, some good, or half good, this album I enjoyed!

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Musicianship: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Feeding On Grime
2. Seas Of Darkness
3. Miss No One
4. The Hermit
5. Fire Is No Harm
6. Way Back Home
7. 7 Strings \[Part 1]
8. Boon Or Bane
9. Abuse
10. Become One
11. T(h)ree
12. Sentenced To Misery
13. Destiny
Isiul - Guitar, Vocals
Essark - Vocals
Maltus - Bass
Martyr - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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Edited 20 October 2020

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