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Isole - Bliss Of Solitude (CD)

Bliss Of Solitude
by Yiannis Doukas at 09 February 2008, 4:32 PM

Dear reader, please pay some attention here in this band, 'cause it's worth a lot. The beginning can be found at the rise of the 90s, when a new band named FORLORN started recording some demo, exploring the Doom domains, while in 2004 they decided to change their name into ISOLE.
The Swedish label I Hate Records (respect) offered them a chance and in 2005 the release of their debut Forevermore was a fact, bringing a 'mini' earthquake in the Doom Metal underground. An album with incredible work inside, as most of the songs were from the FORLORN era, having the vintage of time inside making them more perfect and complete. Songs like The Watcher or Deceiver were jewels of Doom inspiration, having nice riffs and very good vocal lines, making them special and different with a strange personality inside.
The continue was also great with the release of a 7 single named The Beyond, making me spend a lot of time in my stereo, while the second album Throne Of Void contained monolithic Doom with perfect playing. The new one Bliss Of Solitude finds ISOLE in a new label, the well-known Napalm Records, with hopes that their music will find place in more ears and homes of desperate doomsters.
Three names are the basic foundation of their music structure with CANDLEMASS and SOLITUDE AETURNUS in the Doom bank of the river and BATHORY's epic era on the other. Except these elements you will meet some WHILE HEAVEN WEPT influences in the vocal lines, especially in By Blood, which - after it's fifth minute - has a riff highlight of the album with amazing work in singing by Daniel. From Clouded Sky can look in the eyes any SOLITUDE AETURNUS song with its perfect riffing in the beginning. The next two songs - Imprisoned In Sorrow and Bliss Of Solitude - will produce a painful experience for each listener, bringing him some memories or images. because (except the sad melodies) some real feelings and emotions exist that can't be ignored. Sometimes I feel that a good description is something like MY DYING BRIDE without keys or violins, including vocals with these divine melodies that Quorthon had in albums like Twilight Of The Gods or Album. This BATHORY epic aura is also obvious in the last song, Shadowstone, that has a special atmosphere to give.
I must admit that I expected something better from ISOLE, because their previous steps permitted these hopes and also because I consider them a band that can be bigger than it is now. Their third album is very good really but not the major step that will allow me to place them next to bands like SOLITUDE AETURNUS etc, despite some great moments you will find here. Except all these, I believe and I am sure that every devoted Doom Metal fan will accumulate major moments of pure enjoyment here. Doom on!

4 Star Rating

By Blood
From Clouded Sky
Imprisoned In Sorrow
Bliss Of Solitude
Daniel Bryntse - Vocals, Guitars
Jonas Lindstrom - Drums
Henrik Lindenmo - Bass, Haunting Chants
Crister Olsson - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Napalm Records


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