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Ivory Tower - Stronger

Ivory Tower
by Sergio Andrés at 20 August 2019, 10:25 PM

According to their official media, we are allegedly experiencing a Progressive Metal band from Germany, who happens to have a new singer named Dirk Meyer.

Besides the fact of having a keyboard player (and one great track named “Loser”), there is little or nothing progressive on this offering. On the contrary, what we have here is a traditional solid Metal record, akin to the Euro Power sound. Only their second cut “Loser” has an exciting 6/8 passage music with bass leading a chromatic sleazy line; I dug that arrangement.

Their singer has that throaty Jon Oliva vocal delivery combined with the theatrical “epicenes” of Bob Catley. There are some contemporary Metal detours here and there in his delivery, but nothing that unexpected although. As the killjoy I am; there are two ear-buzzing details; one, the excessive using of trigger drumming (which someone called the “Images and Words” snare tone syndrome, like a snare sample with no dynamics) and the over predominant keyboard mix placing.

Don´t shoot me; there are two terrific Heavy Sludge gems: the second track “Loser” and the seventh “Strong” both tunes showcase how badass Meyer´s voice is, from gnarling fry to operatic undertones. It is not an accident that keyboards on these two songs are a drone arrangement rather than a musical sound (thanks to Satan.) I have to admit that Meyer has quite chops on the growl department, plus a versatile and wicked timbre. Another asset this band has is their distorted guitar tone, crisp and crunchy, gives the band´s style a touch of bottom heaviness.

The rest of the record sounds like a classic Metal band achieving progressive skills with lower tunings (Heck, I just pointed the SAVATAGE definition). To avoid that creepy diagnosis, they should get a producer, someone with an outsider's ear who helps them to convey their good ideas and kind intentions to milestones tracks. They are talented musicians with a kick-ass vocalist, and with the right guidance, they will achieve greatness.

And yes, the final vocal arrangement one “One Day” was marvelous, that guy´s voice is their talisman. Sweet hidden German chatter at the end, reminded me the glorious nineties.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. The Offer
2. Loser
3. End Transmission
4. Money
5. In me
6. Slave
7. Strong
8. Flight of the Dragon
9. Life Will Fade
10. Passing
11. The Wolves you´ve let in
12. One Day
Dirk Meyer – Vocals
Björn Bombach – Bass
Frank Fasold – Keyboards
Sven Böge - Guitar
Thorsten Thrunke – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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