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Jace Pawlak - Perspective Award winner

Jace Pawlak
by MarcusTheRocker at 19 July 2015, 10:12 PM

When we all start out in the music business, there is only one thing we have on our minds and that is to make our songs, and indeed us as individuals become heard by the world and the best way to make that possible is through writing great music. If you’re successful then your songs will not only become heard by the world but you yourself as an individual may get the chance to do things you would not have otherwise expected to happen.

All of the above can relate to the subject of todays review, which is American songwriter/musician Jace Pawlak, who this year released his third solo CD “Perspective”. Pawlak’s love for music began in the 70’s after seeing his dad play guitar for a local band in St. Louis and from there, his future began to shape itself having learned drums by the age of 5, keyboards by the age of 13 and then acoustic guitar sometime later.

Once he was proficient in playing instruments and writing his first songs, 2000 was the start of his musical career, as he became a full time musician at Walt Disney World in his hometown of Orlando and then five years later in 2005, he released his debut album “Stolen Season”. Since then, his music caught the attention of John Kivel who is the owner of the record label that bears his namesake Kivel Records.

After that event, Jace began writing songs for bands such as FARCRY and TANGO DOWN as well as releasing more solo material which included his second solo album “Chasing Magic” in 2011 which garnered attention from people such as Andrew McNiece of and Paul Nichols of the internet radio station ARFM.

Now in 2015, the time has come for his third solo album “Perspective” to be heard by the world and the question is, does all of Jace’s experience, songwriting skills and positive reviews of his work translate into an album that you will always fall in love with everytime you hear it? The answer to that question is a big fat mighty YES.

From the moment you hear the albums opening track “Cry” which is a Melodic Rock masterpiece, you begin to understand why Jace Pawlak has become so well known for his skills as a songwriter as the powerful hooks, melodies and performances immediately make you fall in love with this album.

From there on, things only get better as there is a good diverse mixture of instruments and musical styles which include the jazzy “Don’t Talk To Me”, the bluesy “We Don’t Know Anything”, the catchy upbeat “While We’re Here” and “Renegade Heart”, the beautiful melodic ballad “What If We Were Wrong” and the albums two beautiful piano ballads “The Unknown” and “Little Star”.

What I love about this album is not only the diversity of the musical styles, the variety of instruments used and the superb production, but also the strength of the songwriting and when you listen to this, you really do get a sense of the passionate love that Jace has for music and because of that, you begin to fall in love with his songs as you listen to them as songs like these are perfect for listening to in any situation be it a sad or happy moment.

Bottom line, the new solo album from Jace Pawlak is a fantastic album that manages to combine a wide variety of positive aspects including different diverse musical styles, passionate songwriting and incredible musical talent thanks to the obvious unity that Jace shares with his dad and brother who also play on this album. It really does make you wonder why he only has a small number of likes on his official Facebook page which if you ask me deserves to be higher so get yourselves over there, smack that like button and help to spread the word of Jace Pawlak and his incredible new album. It really is that good.

5 Star Rating

1. Cry
2. While We’re Here
3. What If We Were Wrong
4. Don’t Talk To Me
5. The Unknown
6. Jodi’s Just Running
7. We Don’t Know Anything
8. Renegade Heart
9. The Same Mistake
10. Little Star
Jace Pawlak - Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Dennis Pawlak - Guitars, Bass
Trevor Pawlak - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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