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JackDevil - Evil Strikes Again Award winner

Evil Strikes Again
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 September 2015, 1:38 PM

And once more, the Brazilian Devils rise from their graves to unleash their violent thrashing fury on their foes. Yes, JACKDEVIL is back, now with their second album, "Evil Strikes Again", another massive strike of thunderous and aggressive music.

Again, we have that furious and strong Thrash Metal in old school ways with great influences from NWOBHM. But the band now evolved into a more melodic insight of their own style, where the influences from traditional Heavy Metal are more evident than before, the musical arrangements are cleaner and more melodic as well, so the band's music has improved a lot. But there's no need for some complaint: those who were a fan until now, will remain fans, and those who weren't can become one, because this album is an addiction!

The production was done by Felipe Stress (the band's drummer), and the result of his mixing and mastering is that the band's sound quality became more heavy and full (and not dry and hollow as before), using very good instrumental tunes, becoming heavy and clean as JACKDEVIL's work must sound. And the art of the album, with cover from Ronilson Freire, and layout done by André Nadler (the band's vocalist/guitarist) and Wanderley Perna is pretty good, recovering some aspects from the 80s, but keep the terror atmosphere that the band's lyrics use.

The album is perfect on its proposal, but some songs can be named as the best, such the fast and furious "Evil Strikes Again" (great guitars indeed, using very good aggressive riffs), the Thrash'n'Roll in the vein of old METALLICA "Nightcrawler" (not as fast as the band used to be, with excellent tempos and great bass and drums works), "Bestial Warlust" with its intricate guitars, and the brutal and nasty "Black Witch" (another more melodic song, again using slower moments, like MOTORHEAD on its finest moments, bearing very good vocals). This is what I meant when "Big Daddy" here says that you can use an Old School approach in you music, but it demands to have a strong personality.

These demons will get you for sure!

5 Star Rating

1. Abaddon
2. Evil Strikes Again
3. Devil Awaits
4. Satan's Rite
5. Nightcrawler
6. Bestial Warlust
7. Beelzebub
8. The Reaper
9. Death by Red Lights
10. Black Witch
11. Cangaço
André Nadler - Vocals, guitars
Ric Mukura - Guitars
Renato Speedwolf - Bass, keyboards
Filipe Stress - Drums
Record Label: Urubuz Records


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