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JackDevil - Unholy Sacrifice Award winner

Unholy Sacrifice
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 May 2014, 10:23 PM

And here starts a New Era on Brazilian Metal: The NAOBM, or we can say “New Age of Brazilian Metal”, for JACKDEVIL, the Thrash Demons from Sao Luís do Maranhão, are back for the attack. And finally, after two EPs, they come with their first album, “Unholy Sacrifice”.

Their music is an old school Thrash Metal with many melodies from NWOBHM, or in another words, sounds like Thrash Metal bands before 1986 (the year of Thrash Metal canonization), when melodies would appear more easier than later. And you’ll hear clearly that these guys are not forcing their work in this way, but it flows from them.

Great vocals (a normal tune with aggressive approach), astonishing guitar riffs and melodic solos, technical bass guitar playing and heavy drums is what awaits you when this Southern Demons are on attack.

The album sonority is dry and heavy, so something reminds us of what METALLICA used on “Master of Puppets” (don’t get the wrong idea and think it’s alike, please), so make the instruments sound clear, but giving strength and weight to their work. And the art is based upon a terror tale written by André Nadler (the band’s vocalist / guitarist) called “O Sacrifício Maldito”, and you can read here, if you understand Brazilian Portuguese:

This album is perfect from beginning to its end, having as greater moments “Unholy Sacrifice”, “Beastrider” (both with high adrenaline peaking the maximum due great guitar works), “Thrash Demons Attack” (bass and drums are great here), “Behind the Walls” and the bonus track “Under the Metal Command” (track from their first successful video on YouTube on time from their first EP).

Got thrashed by the Brazilian Thrash Demons!

5 Star Rating

1. Unholy Sacrifice
2. Beastrider
3. Thrash Demons Attack
4. Age of Antichrist
5. The Coven
6. Vixen of Satan
7. Killing Razors
8. Behind the Walls
9. Insane Speed Metal
10. Under the Metal Command
André Nadler – Vocals, Guitars
Ricardo Andrade – Guitars
Renato Igor – Bass
Filipe Oliveira – Drums
Record Label: Urubuz Records


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