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Jackyl - Best In Show Award winner

Best In Show
by "Tilted" Thom James at 17 September 2012, 11:24 AM

“Best In Show”’s tracklist is not a list of the ‘best of’ songs by JACKYL, but instead a list of songs that will take you back instead to a time when JACKYL and the legendary hair bands were terrorizing the show circuit that us Metalheads long for.

If we are going to go back in JACKYL time we know we have arrived when the chainsaw is recorded as musical instrument, or is it a replacement set of vocals? Even more interesting is its use is on a cover song, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” originally by DR. HOOK and the MEDICINE SHOW. While on the topic of covers there is another one on this album, “It’s Tricky” by RUN DMC. Covering RUN DMC by a Rock band also takes me back in time.

There are a lot more than just two cover songs on this album, and they all take me on a different trip down memory lane. I keep waiting for “The Lumberjack” to come on next and then I can be on the Seaside Boardwalk riding the “Rock and Roll Himalaya”.

It’s not only a great saying, complete with it’s own text character set, which one day I expect to see replaced with it’s own emoticon, but until then “\\m/” is great new throw back. “Horns Up” will bring out the finger fist pump of the universal sign language of metal I am sure at every show.

The released single “Screwdriver” is sure to please the fans of the tonge-in-check JACKYL we all know in love. With lyrics like, “I want a Screw”, “Driver” we all know what exactly is on the mind of Jesse James Dupree.

So the next time this southern fried Rock and roll band comes to hit the local scene here in North Jersey I fully expect to rock out with my horns up, while chainsaws scream at me over the PA.

4 Star Rating

1. Best in Show
2. Encore
3. Screwdriver
4. Horns Up
5. Golden Spookytooth
6. Cover of the Rolling Stone
7. Walk My Mile
8. Favorite Sin
9. Better Than Chicken
10. Don't Lay Down On Me
11. Eleven
12. It's Tricky
Jesse James Dupree- Vocals & Chainsaw
Roman Glick- Bass
Chris Worley- Drums
Jeff Worley- Guitars
Record Label: Mighty Loud


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