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Jacobs Moor – Self

Jacobs Moor
by Erik Akos at 19 May 2018, 9:02 PM

Thrash is one of my least favourite genres ever. I just don’t like the attitude, and the musical style (mainly in terms of tempo and such).  Of course, I acknowledge some bands’/musicians’ musical achievements, but pure Thrash Metal I doubt will ever be my thing. That said, today, I have a Progressive Thrash record to review, which sparked my interest, to say the least. I have encountered 2 proggy Thrash records in my amateur carrier so far, but those were more Thrash with a jazzy edge, rather than a mix with Progressive music. But enough background information, is this disk any good?

It may just be my personal sensitivity, but the intro track ("March of The Flies”) really got me every time. The structure is pretty conventional, but there’s something about the tone and the, well… the march of the flies int he beginning. I don’t know how, but they managed to execute a kind of auditory illusion where I heard the buzzing even after it ended and the instruments came in. But again, this may just be me.

The song that follows it is easily the best piece of writing on this entire thing. Or maybe that’s just because you haven’t had enough of the album’s formulas yet. The vocals and instrumentals production-wise are both good, but they kind of come off as very ice cream and ketchup. It feels like they wrote the whole instrumentals and then wrote some lyrics to it for the vocalist and that’s it. Or like these are two completely different songs’ vocals and instrumentals that happen to match somewhat well.

You could ask why I spend so much time writing about one song out of the 10 present on the LP, and that would be a completely fair and good question. My answer: Because most things about "Watching Atrocities” apply to every track. Even though the formula works, it’s still a ten-track album with two formulas. That’s right, two, because "Hopeless Endeavour”, which closes the record is the most different one (excluding the intro, of course). It lacks any show-offy approach, its atmosphere is spot on, even the production problem disappears. As a whole, it’s just a simple, humble and organic piece of beautiful art. In fact, I just listened to it again, and I changed my mind, that one is my favourite. 10/10, easily. Fuck, I really need to make up my mind on stuff…

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 3
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. March of the Flies
2. Watching Atrocities
3. The Absence of Me
4. Self
5. Falling to Pieces
6. Distance
7. Neglecting the Path of the Sun
8. Delusion
9. Hate of a New Kind
10. Hopeless Endeavor

Ritchie Krenmaier – Vocals
Rupert Träxler – Guitars
Johannes Pichler – Guitars
Stephan Först – Bass
Rainer Lidauer – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 February 2023

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