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Jacobs Dream - Theater Of War (CD)

Jacobs Dream
Theater Of War
by Yiannis Mitsakos at 13 June 2001, 9:32 PM

One of the very few new Power Metal bands that really worth their recognition, Jacobs Dream are back with their second full length album which is called: Theater Of War. Of course after their impressive debut they have set high standards and people except a lot from them. I have their new album a week or so and I have to say that it''s still melting inside my CD player. Yeah, you guess right. It fuckin' rocks!
For those who have never heard a single tune of Jacobs Dream I'll give a brief description. They play Heavy/Power Metal with many influences from classic bands such as Iron Maiden and Queensryche. Their singer, David Taylor, is a great singer and he has managed to collect his influences and make a style of his own. I can say that he is a mix of Geoff Tate, Midnight and Bruce Dickinson. Some may find him a bit strange in the beginning 'cause he is not just a typical Power Metal singer. This will change after you listen to the album carefully four-five times.. I also have to mention that all of them are great musicians and you can see that since their music is pretty complex for a Heavy/Power Metal group. It seems to me that Jacobs Dream take their influences and they put them into their ''mixer'' and they blend them well. The result is an album with a classic sound yet fresh and modern which will make proud all the ''monsters'' of Heavy metal. They definitely stand out of the today's Power Metal crowd. They might not be the most original band in the world but they know how to work carefully on their influences.
Now, either you already have their first album or you want to pick one of the two and you don't know which one is the best. I have to say that both their works are awesome. I can say that they have changed a lot from their first album but they are more mature right now and they have more experience than before. So in my humble opinion Theater Of War is a bit better than their first work.
In a few words Theater Of War is an album which smells of the 80's but somehow at the same time it sounds fresh and modern. I'm sure you'll love it. WELL DONE guys!

4 Star Rating

Theater Of War
Traces Of Grace
The Warning
Sarah Williams
De Machine Est Deo
Black Souls
Critical Mass
John Berry- Guitar & Guitar Synth
Derek Eddkeblute - Guitar
James Evans - Bass
David Taylor - Vocals
Billy Queen - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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