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Jade - Smoking Mirror

Smoking Mirror
by Craig Rider at 24 October 2019, 4:04 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: JADE; signed via Pulverised Records, hailing from the glory of Germany/Catalonia/Spanish grounds - performing Atmospheric Death Metal, on their debut Demo entitled: "Smoking Mirror" (released October 11th, 2019).

Since their first deliverence of this Demo limited to only 100 copies only on Cassette independently (released first on July 13th, 2018); Pulverised Records now own the rights to unleash more copies for discovery sake. This is JADE's only release so far as I know; 4 tracks ranging at around 22:52, the trio in question convey in an atmospheric dose of amplified adrenaline & boistrously bouncy deadliness that manifests in a concretely gnarly fabrication of crunchy intricacy. "Jade Emperor" begins the EP; demonstrating fluid distortion, fuzzy developments & a harmonic flamboyancy in which showcases dark blasphemy while revolved around an ambiently daunting flair of haunting jumpiness with killer lacerations that supply a solid ritual of retribution which is fuelled into a blistering barrage of frenzied distinction.

Consisting of J. on bass/vocals; the frontman executes an audible aesthetic of bludgeoning bass thumpiness, pulsating with pummelling calamities & an infectious injection of deep guttural growls amalgmated with raspy pipes that roar with organic substance. "Dead Stone Mask" portrays uniquely versatile pandemonium; ruthlessly providing concretely gritty chugs, and complex dexterity from A. on guitars…forging an embellishment of frolicking experimentation & a meticulously rhythmic ramification of rambunctious mayhem. Rapidly swifting with nimble virtuosity, quintessential quakes & sonically seamless yet hybridly dynamic dimensions, while momentously transistioning with primitively volatile precision. Savagely scattered with quirky snappiness, relentless riffs & prestigiously psychedelic doom hooks create an immersively extreme balance.

"Blossom" flourishes a borderline foundation of punchline melodies; profusely robust musicianship, striking with stomping drum hammering from D. who smashes like a battering berserker & a grizzly blend of blackened instrumentation. Bleeding out furocious echoes of chaos, chunky detail & a diligent formulaic of hardened hymns that storm with trailblazing finesse. Consistently engaged on monstrously meaty firepower, demonizing expertise & progressively technical stability. Overall concluding "Smoking Mirror" with the titular track itself; I am compelled to say that while this EP was very short, I found it easily replayable & full of enjoyably entertaining havoc. If you're looking for a fine slab of razor-sharp viciousness, potent vibrancy & sinister variaties then JADE are certainly a band to discover - definitely check them out.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 7
Sound Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Jade Emperor (6:09)
2. Dead Stone Mask (6:03)
3. Blossom (4:44)
4. Smoking Mirror (5:59)
J. - Bass & Vocals
D. - Drums
A. - Guitars
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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