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Jaded Heart - Guilty By Design Award winner

Jaded Heart
Guilty By Design
by Craig Rider at 14 June 2016, 2:28 PM

What's up Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this German/Swedish Melodic Metal/Hard Rock quintet JADED HEART and their new album: “Guity By Design”.

‘Melody’ is known to be one of the main reasons people love Hard Rock/Metal. From the scorching rhythms to the atmospheric intentions, there is always something for everyone in this genre of epic proportions. From what I’ve heard, JADED HEART’s 5th album “Guilty By Design” is a pretty stunning record. Combining Heavy Metal and Hard Rock influences, this is certainly a band in their prime, and they kick arse like superstars.

Right off the bat, “No Reason” roars with some stunning implementations; including fusing melodic, thrashing speed with just simple enough Hard Rock elements. We have Johan Falhberg on vocals - who screams out (quite literally) some fascinating chords that blare with power and technique - Peter Östros on the screaming Heavy Metal guitar partnered with Masa Eto…also on the guitar, Bodo Stricker on drums, and Michael "Muelli" Müller on bass; all contributing a destructive Metal force.

Catchy songs like “Godforsaken”, “Seven Gates of Hell” and “Remembering” showcase anthem-like material that is the pinpoint of making this album a memorable epic. The pummelling, raging force of this instrumental punchline continues to grow on me after a few straight listens and I can't help but chime the lyrics at this point and intentionally feel good listening to this record; which I think was the band's motive while enjoying themselves as well. “Rescue Me”, “Salvation” and “No Waiting For Tomorrow” showcase similar enjoyments; amazing, heavy as fuck riffs and just an all-round thrashing death kind of scene. It is surprising to find these elements in a Melodic, Hard Rock quartet. The album continues to pump out more jams as if they were saying: “hard earned cash thrown to us, deserves a full-blown release”.

This is a long and hard album to cover…but I can't leave songs unchecked; it's not in my nature to do so. Every song keeps the traditional sound and gives you a powerful kick; “Watching You Die” especially has fascinating punchlines to it, as does “So Help Me God” and “Bullying Me”. I very much enjoyed the high pitched notions around this area of the album; it helps keep the album going strong without the listener getting bored, which, alas, could happen; as I did feel a bit overwhelmed by its length. But if you want to get your monies worth and expand your horizons “Guilty By Design” is most definitely worth it. “This Is The End”, “Torn And Scarred”, “My Farewell” and “My Own Way Down” all end the album on a very high note, and left me in awe at the sheer prowess of the vocals and all the hard, powerful and thrashing instrumental properties, all whilst adding melodic and atmospheric purposes throughout.

So…should you buy “Guilty By Design”? Why not? If you want to expand your Metal horizons with something of fantastic value that equals to the giants of Metal; you would be missing out a great deal if you didn't listen to this record at least once. It's a stunning display of courtesy for Rock and Metal and also contributes to why you should support the music industry and collect not only an enjoyable but also masterful jam.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

  1. No Reason
  2. Godforsaken
  3. Seven Gates of Hell
  4. Remembering
  5. Rescue Me
  6. Salvation
  7. No Waiting For Tomorrow
  8. Watching You Die
  9. So Help Me God
  10. Bullying Me
  11. This Is The End
  12. Torn And Scarred
  13. My Farewell
  14. My Own Way Down
Johan Fahlberg - Vocals
Peter Östros - Guitar
Michael "Muelli" Müller - Bass
Bodo Stricker - Drums
Masa Eto - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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