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Jaded Heart - Sinister Mind (CD)

Jaded Heart
Sinister Mind
by Grigoris Chronis at 08 October 2007, 9:52 PM

2005's Helluva Time showed the way for the 'updated' JADED HEART lineup. Yes, this interesting German melodic Hard Rock band could overcome premier (now ex) member Michael Bormann's departure with some equally nice music. Would you agree with the above statement? Being of some same belief or not, this year's Sinister Mind should be more crucial for JADED HEART's future livelihood. You gotta test yourselves 'against' it.
JADED HEART counts more than fifteen years of life! Well, when this band emerged outta nowhere to carry (along with e.g. fellow rockers PINK CREAM and FAIR WARNING) a recipe already established (with enough of differentiation, of course, in terms of production and instruments sound) by 80s middle/northern Europe bands like BONFIRE, PRETTY MAIDS or (even) VICTORY and CRAAFT, a debut album called Inside Out did achieve marking the band with much of hope for a bright 'soften metallic' Hard Rock music.
To cut a long story short, with the majestic voice of Bormann plus the dynamic songwriting it was no secret JADED HEART did climb high enough in the (so called) Melodic Rock sky all these years. Albums like Slaves & Masters and IV and tunes like Surrender and Burning Heart who can doubt 'bout this notable outfit? Thus, it was sad news to see Bormann waving 'goodbye', even if 2005's Helluva Time did show newcomer Johan Fahlberg (ex-SCUDIERO) would not let down whoever's trusted the band's future in his throat. And this brings us to 2007 and a new album - their second in the Frontiers family - being released under the Sinister Mind title.
The first thing needed to be mentioned is that the production is again powerful and beautiful. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the band plus the valuable help of Michael Voss (MAD MAX, CASANOVA, DEMON DRIVE), Chris Lausmann (ex-BONFIRE) and Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69), Sinister Mind takes no prisoners if we're talkin' bout a commanding sound. To the spine: nearly no bad song this album has; there's lots of 'groovy melodic' stuff (Hero and Crush That Fear), you won't avoid some typical JADED HEART material (Justice Is Deserved, Sinister Mind, Going Under and See The Light) while mid-tempo 'night drive' tunes will blow you away (Open Your Eyes, Always On My Mind and Hallucinate). Johan Fahlberg is nothing less but convincing in his performance now. He resembles to the vibe of David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) a lot (JADED HEART's music anyway shows similarities to the fellow German outfit's style) and he grabs you by the balls with his upright voice. The man's a deal.
Keys drive silently the songs' melodies while the guitars work is impressive. With leads firing endlessly (still, exaggerating at times…) and some bombastic rhythm section, it is of no wonder why JADED HEART still has the potential in their sound. An equal 'hard' work for both power and melody does eventually end up to really nice albums like Sinister Mind. So: a) the band ensures there's tomorrow even if Michael's 'out', b) Fahlberg ensures he's a brilliant choice for JADED HEART, c) listening to the album for the 5th-6th time in a row ensures you gotta grab Sinister Mind. It's a full/thorough release.
P.S.: My Eager's Red's 2nd part guitar solo is played by Sascha Gerstner (HELLOWEEN).

4 Star Rating

Justice Is Deserved
Sinister Mind
Going Under
See The Light
Open Your Eyes
My Eager's Red
Always On My Mind
Heavenly Devotion
To Please And Give In
Crush That Fear
Johan Fahlberg - Vocals
Peter Ostros - Guitar & Vocals
Michael Muller - Bass & Vocals
Henning Wanner - Keyboards & Vocals
Axel Kruse - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers


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