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Jag Panzer - Mechanized Warfare (CD)

Jag Panzer
Mechanized Warfare
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 23 July 2001, 12:35 PM

Jag Panzer. One of the most underrated Power Metal bands of all time without any doubt. So many years in Power Metal these guys play truly great music and above all they play real Heavy Metal. That's true Metal for me. Oh, and they never screamed that! Their music speaks for them unlike others who try to play metal with their mouthes!

This CD is a bible of USA Power Metal of the 80's. This CD is a smash, a fatal blow to all those who never tried to give a chance to this great band. Now they HAVE to do that. You'll see people with Jag Panzer T-shirts out in the streets. Their time has come! They made a heavy, aggressive, groovy yet melodic album with some of the best riffs ever written in the USA Power Metal genre.

This is the real metal of 2000! They married the energy and the power of the 80's with some great fresh arrangements and they made an album so pure that will guide you to places where Metal and true values exist. You'll also get some great double solos, an awesome bass work and you'll get some true drum lessons. The two guitars players play really tight together. Same goes for the rhythm section. This bands is tight and solid as hell. Their wall of sound is unbreakable. Mr. Harry Conklin sings better than ever too!

In my humble opinion this album is the best of 2001, one of the best Power Metal albums ever, one of the best efforts in the whole heavy metal genre and of course the best album of Jag Panzer. This album is a deadly bullet in the heart of all those who say that Metal is dead. Metal will never die 'cause with bands like Jag Panzer Metal has NOTHING to fear! As for the production, Mr Jim Morris did it and I don't think that you need me in order to understand that he did again an great job.

Well done guys! Thank you very much for this album. Carry on forever! WE NEED YOU!

5 Star Rating

Take To The Sky
Frozen In Fear
The Silent
The Scarlet Letter
Choir Of Tears
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Mark Briody- Guitar
Chris Boderick - Guitar
John Tetley - Bass
Harry Conklin - Vocals
Rikard Stjernquist - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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