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Jake E. Lee - Retraced (CD)

Jake E. Lee
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 07 July 2005, 11:25 AM

Jake E. Lee doesn't really need any special intro paragraphs to describe his sheer talent and pure dedication to the guitar world and music in general! With his brand new album Retraced he carves his name with golden letters once again! Former Ozzy Osbourne axe-holder Jake E. Lee, best known for being Randy Rhoads' replacement and for his work on the Bark at the Moon album, had not even picked up a guitar in over a year.
The whole idea here was to release another gem in Mike Varney's latest series of CDs that see classic guitar players remaking their favorite songs. Furthermore, it seemed unlikely that Lee would break out the axe and start playing just to do an album of cover songs - something that he thought was not worthy of his efforts.  In fact, Lee stated  I've always felt it a waste of time to cover a well known song unless you could add something to it, approach it differently, give it your own unique twist or at the very least introduce it to a new audience. To do a full album of copy songs seemed pointless. Upon further reflection, Lee began to change his mind. He began to play some of the songs that influenced him back when he was spending hours locked in his bedroom, riffing away.  
Finally, he agreed but instead of picking songs that everyone knew, Lee reached deeper into Rock's history and pulled out some forgotten gems. I'll Be Creepin, Love is Worth the Blues and A Hard Way To Go are not household songs. You can find many elements of very important guitarists in Jake's playing but I think that the majority of credits go to Rory Gallagher and Eric Clapton. The tracks flow very easily inside your head and create a really nice atmosphere. The most well known track on the compilation has to be Montrose's Rock Candy. Lee delivers big time as he adds his own flavor to each song. The final result is songs that are fun to listen to, adding something new to the twist and that totally rocks. The man may have not played for a year before doing this album but he has not forgotten a thing!
Highlights of this album can be considered - among others - the following ones: Whiskey Train, I'll Be Creepin', Love Is Worth The Blues, Hard Way To Go and Rock Candy. If you consider yourself to be a Blues/Hard Rock fan then man this is definitely your record! Jake proves his talent one more time and we must be there, with him, to witness his soul's testimony!

4 Star Rating

Whiskey Train
Way Back To The Bone
I'll Be Creepin'
Guess I'll Go Away
Love Is Worth The Blues
I'll Come Tumblin'
Hard Way To Go
I Can't Stand It
Rock Candy
Record Label: Shrapnel Records


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