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Janet Gardner - Your Place in the Sun Award winner

Janet Gardner
Your Place in the Sun
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 04 July 2019, 9:27 AM

In the 80’s, female bands started to be recognized and earned commercial success in Metal. RUNAWAYS were the first, GIRLSCHOOL and ROCK GODDESS came just a little after, but no one can deny that VIXEN was the first all female band to spread its talons on the musical market, because “Vixen” was highly praised in the second half of the 80’s. And a part from their commercial success came due their talent, and one feature that was the face of the band were the vocals of Janet Gardner. But Janet left VIXEN in the beginning of this year, and now she is releasing her solo album called “Your Place in the Sun”.

On the album, the fans will find a musical worked based on a mix of Classic Glam/Hair Metal with AOR ambiances and all. The music is really accessible to a broader public, and this musical genre is already known, but on her hands (who had at her side the guitarist/producer Justin James) it gains a personal life, a musical identity that is sensible. Hooking guitar riffs and excellent keyboards joins with a solid work from bass guitar and drums, all preparing a instrumental sheet for Janet’s great performance. Justin produced the album (and co-written the songs as well), creating something that sounds clean and heavy, with the right amount of aggressiveness, but keeping it clean in a way that the songs’ melodies can be understood without problems.

The album has 12 very good songs, all of them what anyone could expect from a solo album of Janet, but some surprises can be heard as well. “Your Place in the Sun” is filled with a charming and catchy dose of musical groove; “Assassinate” is an actualized and melodic AOR/Glam Metal song, with a great chorus, with “Standing” carrying the same elements (but with guitars roaring in a more furious way); the almost modern Pop Rock song with a heavy chorus “Web”; “A Way to Your Heart” will remind the older fans of Pop Rock power ballads in ROXETTE’s way (and it’s really a very good and tender song); the modern AOR essence of “Unconditionally”; and the savage Rock ‘n’ Hard Roll to put the house down shown on “Flame Thrower” are the best songs of the album, but its completely very good.

Hey, Janet, keep things up like this, because “Your Place in the Sun” is really very good.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Your Place in the Sun
2. Assassinate
3. Standing
4. Try
5. Web
6. Kicks Me Back
7. A Way to Your Heart
8. Should Have Known
9. Unconditionally
10. You Said
11. Without You
12. Flame Thrower
Janet Gardner - Vocals
Justin James - Guitars
Record Label: Pavement Entertainment


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