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Jari Behm - Mind Adventures

Jari Behm
Mind Adventures
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 November 2022, 12:41 PM

There are albums done by artists just to be an extension of their own personalities, and to express the diversity of their musical influences. It’s not hard to see that some musicians prefer to do something in a smaller form to be able to keep things personal, because the commercial success demands a rigid form, even for artists with an ample range of musical expressions (as happens a lot on Fusion). And maybe this is the choice of the Finnish artist Jari Behm (known for be the bass player of STRATOVARIUS between 1992 and 1993), as heard on “Mind Adventures”. On this album, one will hear a very ample set of musical influences, as Metal, Progressive Rock, Funk, Classical, Hard Rock, Blues and others, but always in a form that is turned to Metal and Rock. And it shows that Jari doesn’t think in the past, but expresses himself in a form that can be hard to understand for those that are prisoners of conceptions (or, in other words, ‘musical labels’ or ‘definitions’).

But the album is plenty of excellent moments and ideas, always presented in a coherent format. Once more: it’s not easy to assimilate the songs of “Mind Adventures” for the first time for those that prefers something ‘rigid’, but the more the fans experience the album, the more it will reveal its secrets. The production is the Achilles’ heel of the album, because it’s not as good as it demands. It’s clean and defined, with some very good instrumental tunes used. But the whole sound ambience of “Mind Adventures” needs to be expressed in a better way. And in the album, the fans will find the presence of guests as the vocalists Gus Monsanto (former member of ADAGIO and REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE), Peter James Goodman, Berzan Önenand, Alessandro Granato, and the drummer  Toni Paananen on 5 tracks.

The travel experience that the album brings to the fans is really very good, with excellent moments as “Fight for a Victory” (a Jazz/Progressive-like ambience with influences similar to Brazilian Bossa Nova contrasts with Heavy/Power Metal parts, always with a very good technical level), “Fading” (another very good moment of the album, a Heavy Metal song with a Prog Metal technical appeal), “Leave Me if You Don’t Feel” (a song with an abrasive weight similar to modern Heavy Metal, but with some tender silk vocals), “Coming Back to the Point” (in some moments, the contrasts between Power Metal parts and Prog Metal moments are clear to the ears), and “Tuuliajolla”. But the fans will have a taste of the musical diversity that Jari bears on the instrumental songs “Neon Gravity”, “Gratitude”, “Dusty Canyon” (the Funk/Fusion ambience is clean on this one), “Bass Rogue” and “Odotus”.

Of course, Jari still has some surprises hidden up his musical sleeve, but the final result of “Mind Adventures” is really a great experience.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

4 Star Rating

1. Fight for a Victory
2. Neon Gravity
3. Fading
4. Gratitude
5. Leave Me if You Don't Feel
6. Dusty Canyon
7. Coming Back to the Point
8. Bass Rogue
9. Tuuliajolla
10. Odotus
Jari Behm - Bass, Guitars, Synths
Record Label: Independent


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