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Javali - Life is a Song Award winner

Life is a Song
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 June 2019, 12:36 PM

The same tip once more: it’s truly possible to make old musical genres, but the musicians have the responsibility to put their own personality on the music. No one can live off of what others created, trying to be a continuity of those heroes who are buried on the sands of time. It’s a hard trial to make such a thing, but to some, it’s so normal to do that in high level, as the Brazilian power trio JAVALI (that was called POP JAVALI, but had to change its name). To see what these words mean, a simple listen to “Life is a Song” will clear things up.

Their musical formula didn’t change too much: a fine blend of classic Hard Rock with Progressive Rock influences, being done with a good technical level, being elegant and melodic. But this time, the band used a more modern approach on their music, what gave a refined touch of silk aggressiveness to the songs. And musically speaking, their compositions are on a level higher than before, showing that the trio’s members is still with blood on their eyes. And it wouldn’t be a sin to call them the Brazilian RUSH.

Recorded at Studio Atmosphera (SP) by the producer Edinho Junior, and being mixed and mastered by the hands of Thiago Bianchi (NOTURNALL’s singer) at Estúdio Fusão (SP), that’s the secret behind “Life is a Song” being so great: due the modern recording that allowed the musical instruments to sound loud and clean, but bearing aggressiveness. The final result sounds really great, a smashing teeth punch into the fate due the musical impact, but allowing their melodies and musical arrangements to be fully understood.

These six songs have a charming set of melodies and fine choruses, all of them sounding great to the ears. “Runaway” is a typical Hard ‘n’ Heavy song from the 80’s, but with a modern outfit filled with life and energy, and the rhythmic session is really great, as the vocals are too; “Empty Promises” is another fine blend between melodies and modern quality, with an amazing work from guitars (the riffs are excellent, and the solo can be fully understood, showing a balance between technique and melody); on “Singing Along”, an introspective and melancholic touch can be felt, with clean accessible parts, but with energy and distortion during the chorus; some harsh vocals are heard on “Child’s Frustration” laying on the modern instrumental melodies, with very good changes on tempos; and the modern elements can be heard once more on “Cruel Past”, that shows some accessible moments; and “Dancing in the Fire”, a melodic blow with charming technical approach, with some clear influences of Progressive Rock from the 70’s. To those that buy a physical copy, there’s a bonus song, “Read My Mind”, a Single that was released in 2018, and that wasn’t release on a physical CD until this moment.

In this way, JAVALI shows that they’re one of the finest names from Brazilian Metal/Rock scene, a clear proof that both musical genres aren’t dead here in Brazil (as some members of great press here love to say). So listen to “Life is a Song” and enjoy a very good time. And by the way: you can listen to it here:

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Runaway
2. Empty Promises
3. Singing Along
4. Child’s Frustration
5. Cruel Past
6. Dancing in the Fire
Marcelo Frizzo - Bass, Vocals
Jaéder Menossi - Guitars
Loks Rasmussen - Drums
Record Label: Miranda Music/Altafonte


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