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Javier Sepulveda's Pulse Of Nature - Pulse Of Nature Award winner

Javier Sepulveda's Pulse Of Nature
Pulse Of Life
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 June 2017, 2:28 PM

Javier Sepulveda’s “Pulse Of Nature” is a multicultural project born in Chile but connecting with guest musicians all over the world. Included in the arrangements are members of the national orchestra of Chile, playing a variety of instruments in support. Inspiration and themes were drawn from the beauty of the natural world and universe. The album contains five tracks, and was mixed and mastered by André Alvinzi and Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Sepulveda is endorsed by Skervesen Guitars based in Poland. Let’s get to the album! “Waves Of Energy” is a beautiful and lovely introduction to the album that opens with piano, guitars and symphony that builds into magisterial crescendo, before blistering guitar solos dance over the top of heavy bass and percussion. There are charming pauses as well where the white light of honor and justice shine through. “Mineral Spirit” is perhaps a bit heavier but wondrous melody still abounds. Javier’s lead guitar parts provide the direction for the instrumentation to follow. Like any good instrumental, the guitar melody speaks to your soul rather than overwhelming you with notes. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

The title track, “Pulse Of Nature” opens with soft acoustic guitar, keys and strings. The monumental melodies rise like a spire headed towards the clouds, and waves of harmonies crash over your head like cool ocean tides on a hot summer day. Just over the half way mark there is a culmination where the full instrumentation explodes together in absolute bliss. According to Wikipedia, “dharma” is a key concept in the religions of India with no real translation into English. It can refer to cosmic order, or the teachings of the Buddha. “The Greatest Dharma” is indeed a song shrouded in both mysterious and demonstrative sounds. At first it bubbles under the surface, hidden from total view. Later it unleashes a sonic boom of emotionally laden guitar into a crescendo that carries you to parts unseen. It fades to a soft and harmonious ending…like hearing chimes gently ring in a breeze. Vilu is a village in the Solomon Islands. Picture yourself there, with pristine white sands and clear blue seas. “Whispers of Vilu” takes me there, with a song that breathes deeply with soft recorder notes at first, leading to a thicker and heavier sound, and then returning again. The song is really a musical journey on that island village, with new things to discover at every turn.

What a splendidly beautiful album. It’s effortless to listen to the awe-inspiring melodies if you are in the mood for something that just makes you feel good, and sophisticated enough for those who appreciate a deeper grace that comes with layers, nuances and textures from seasoned musicians and songwriters. With its contemporary sound, it’s also the kind of album that never gets old to listen to. Bravo!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Waves Of Energy
2. Mineral Spirit
3. Pulse Of Nature
4. The Greatest Dharma
5. Whispers of Vilu
Javier Sepulveda – Compositions, Guitars
Leo Margarit – Drums
Joaquin Quezada – Bass
Colin Edwin – Bass
Mauricio Olivares – Piano/Keys
Arlette Jequier – Vocals
Braulio Aspe – Guitars 
Record Label: Independent


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