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JD Overdrive - Sex Whisky & Southern Blood

JD Overdrive
Sex Whisky & Southern Blood
by Fede "FedeRock" Taich at 21 September 2011, 9:34 PM

Southern Rock/ Stoner Rock and Southern Metal/ Sludge has always been an American music style, but on the last few years with the success of bands BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DOWN, PANTERAand TYPO NEGATIVEthe style has reached over seas where it has inspired some European bands to play this style of music, and do it well. Needless to say that the groove and guitar riffs of the genre have been adopted by some other Rock/ Metal Styles like Metalcore and the American Hard Rock that almost transpired as the. present Southern Rock, especially guitar wise.

DJ OVERDRIVE is a Polish quartet that sounds and looks like a "made in Texas" band. “Sex Whisky & Southern Blood” is their first full length album and has to offer eleven kick ass songs for you to hear. Straight from the non musical intro “ A Taste Of The South” you will be able to hear a band that is all about Southern American Music. From the likes of “BallBreaker” it can't be hard to see that they know how to do it right. The song itself sounds like PANTERA meet METALLICA because Wojtek's voice sounds very similar to James Hetfield but with a touch of a more aggressive “growled” pattern.

The Album is full of groovy riffs that would send you out hesdbanging even if you don’t like the style. The songs truly deliver that “stoner” vibe although there are some more Thrash style songs like “ Stoned To Death” that has a really metallic intro that turns into a great guitar riff A’la Zakk Wylde.

The amazing thing to me was that the band sounds totally American, and I believe they could make it big time in America. Another cool song on the album is the “Purple Haze” cover that although it’s not a traditional HENDRIX cover, they made it by their own vision and it’s sounds pretty cool .

Production wise the album sounds goods, very raw and very live just like this type of music should sound , and I believe that every fan of the genre will love it. The guitar work is great and as PANTERA and even BLACK SABBATH before them did, they give a lot of space and focus to the rhythm section especially on the guitar solos where you can really hear the bass guitar and not only the guitar overdubs. It’s cool and realistic cause this way you won’t feel something missing when you hear them live.

In conclusion this is a good album. Slightly monotonic, but it’s a part of the style. Nonetheless, I think that next time they should try to make the songs a little more unique especially riff wise.


4 Star Rating

1. A Taste Of The South
2. Ballbreaker
3. Boot Hill
4. Truth Teller
5. No Man’s Land
6. The Art Of Demolition
7. Stoned To Death
8. Guilt And Redemption
9. Purple Haze
10. Demonize
11. Into The Same River 
Wojtek 'Suseł' Kałuża- Vocals
Michał 'Stempel' Stemplowski- Guitar
Łukasz 'Joorek' Jurewicz- Drums
Tomasz 'Tommy' Cedzyński- Bass 
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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