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Jeff Scott Soto - Damage Control Award winner

Jeff Scott Soto
Damage Control
by YngwieViking at 02 April 2012, 5:58 PM

Mr The Honorable Judge: To start, let me say one thing, I’m a little biased and partial about the J.S.S. case :this guy is a the top of 'my favorite singer ever' list since the mighty "Marching out" by RISING FORCE was released back in 1985…I'm also a big TALISMAN die hard fan… So you could read my words with some rational precautions… And ask for proof… As my objectivity is questionable here !

The 1st crime scene constations: “Give a Little More”  is the perfect song to start such magnificent album… Heavy guitars… Soft verse, velvet vocals… Full hook chorus… And a huge guitar solo, by a relative unknown player Leo Mancini who also share the writing credits with Soto

2nd number is under the same scheme… “Damage Control” is also very good may be better… But "Look Inside Your Heart" is even superior… Born by a partnership with NIGHTRANGER's guitar player Joel Hoekestra, is a clear winner in the same vein as W.E.T. or TAKARA…You know what to expect here, I suppose… Anthemic, Invectious & Catchy… Later, we may also be witness of some other culpable act committed by these two good fellows: the song “NeverEnding War”

Now it's time for the softer & mellow side, to shine up… More in the style of the precedent album “Beautiful Mess”…AORish, softer but still a potential hit… And the "Space Mountain Ride” is not finished, as "Take You Down" bring you another time in the heavy, melodic Metal kingdom, it's a mind blowing riff followed by a really sticky chorus especially made to be a  future stage classic… And another huge guitar part by Jorge Salan

The contrast works well…Then a more melodic Rock song begins…And now you understood the trick…J.S.S. is playing 'the good and the bad cop' thing to bring you on your knees and makes you capitulate… The deluxe edition is the heaviest version but, even “the old barking AOR mafia”, should be happy with that album 'cause the melody is everywhere and the keys are quite present on tracks like “Tears That I Cry”“How To Love Again” or “Elena”

The accomplice-list file is impressive and very long, and each guest is competing brilliantly with, a good shaped and well & powerful voiced Mr Soto… Some are newcomers as Emo Markov ("Afterworld" and his amazing shredding leadbreak),some are well know by our services as the legendary Dave Meniketti from Y&T in the number called “Bonafide”… The usual suspects are of course present and still armed & dangerous… The faithfull Gary Schutt, ‘the Swedish Mercenary bunch’ Jamie Borger & Nalley Pahlson (LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM / TREAT)… The Final cut is a rockin' climax with maybe the heaviest track of J.S.S.'s solo carreer… “Afraid to Die” with Mr Schutt+KAMELOT's drummer Casey Grillo at the helm for a corrupt, vicious and down tuned Metal monster… The damages are countless… The verdict is buy or die…

4 Star Rating

1. Give A Little More
2. Damage Control
3. Look Inside Your Heart
4. Die A Little
5. Take U Down
6. If I Never Let Her Go
7. Tears That I Cry
8. Bonafide
9. Elena
10. Krazy World
11. How To Love Again
12. Afterworld
13. Neverending War
14. Afraid To Die 
Jeff Scott Soto- All Vocals/ Guitar / Bass /Key
Gary Schutt, Jorge Salan, Diego Armelin, Rodrigo Armelin, Joel Hoekstra, Emo Markov, Dave Meniketti, Peter Pac Söderström, Alex Llorens, Joel Hoekstra, Roger Benet, Leo Mancini- Lead Guitar
Fernando Mainer, Nalley Påhlsson, Henrique Baboom- Bass
Fabio Ribiero, Ulf Wahlberg, BJ- Keyboards
Edu Cominato, Carlos Exposito, Casey Grillo, Mike Vanderhule, Jamie Borger, Joey Soto- Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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