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Jerkstore - Blood On Canvas (CD)

Blood On Canvas
by Michael Dalakos at 22 January 2006, 1:26 PM

Every time I check their name, I recall Grigoris' free Greek translation of it (you rock!) and I start laughing my ass off. I wonder how hard they searched for this name. Alongside Brutaliator and Sodomizer they must have one of the worst names I have ever heard for a band. And what about the music?
Jerkstore formed in 1995 under the moniker Delhi Download (another inspired name). The initial lineup consisted of Stefan (drums) and Keld (vocals) along with a guitarist Leif Mygind and a bass player Kasper Molin. They recorded a Demo tape and shortly after threw Molin out of the band. In 1995 Leif convinced Lars (bass) to join. In the spring of 1996 the band recorded another Demo tape and a Demo CD followed in the fall. 1997 saw a lot of changes. The original guitarist split with the band and a new guitarist joined: Henrik. At the same time Keld also picked up the guitar. The sound was toughened up and the band's name was changed to Jerkstore, inspired by an episode of American sitcom Seinfeld (I rest my case). After having cut a Demo in 1998, Jerkstore headed to the studio and recorded their debut album (summer of 1998) titled Anti-Jukebox. A year later the band was set for the release of their second album Hard Words Softly Spoken in Denmark. It was released in Scandinavia and Japan in the Spring of 2001 with the rest of Europe following late in the summer. Jerkstore did some extensive touring after the release both within Denmark and abroad. Besides the Danish tour dates, a mini tour in the U.K. was on the map. In late 2003 Jerkstore and Henrik Juul parted ways due to large geographical distances which complicated the creative processes. Auditions were held and Dennis Bach was hired for the job as guitar player.
Musically Blood On Canvas is not as terrible as most of you might think. When it rocks, it ROCKS. Yeah, the album includes some really good songs like Timing Is Everything or the great ballad Time Crawls. However (yeah, there's always a however in such occasions) when the band wants to sound modern, they achieve it, thus they suck! Songs like Anger: On should have been banned by the music police (if there was one). Why, guys? I mean Keld has a really good voice, why do you try sounding so look how pissed off I am?  No, no, no, I'm don't buy this.
I have no objection if a band wants to write FM friendly songs. But this hybrid of let's try to make music that both Rock and modern Rock fans will like is simply not honest in my opinion. The album has a good production but it came with a lame two page booklet (is this the actual CD print or a promo?). I know they are working on their fourth album right now. Let's see…

3 Star Rating

Timing Is Everything
People Like You
Time Crawls
Anger: On
Get 2 B Gone
Saving Private?
The Unbearable Heaviness Of Being
Fight Forever
Dennis - Guitar
Lars - Bass
Stefan - Drums
Keld - Vocals & Guitar
Record Label: Angry Earthling


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