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Jesus Crost - 1986

Jesus Crost
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 18 August 2014, 10:04 AM

It’s been a very long time since I heard a good Grindcore album. It's been a long time since a brutal band stopped with the bullshit and started to do an album that actually makes your ears bleed. But no, we never saw a new band that manages to do what CANIBAL CORPSE or TORSOFUCK or VISERA TRAIL did once, things with a true sophistication and big social criticism. So now the new bands are choosing this genre only because they are thinking that it's very cool to do fast stuff that everyone will hate. The genius and scandalous lyrics that George Fisher wrote are now no more than history with no legacy.

But JESUS CROST isn’t a new band, they exist since 1996, and they never been so quite, not in none of their 4 albums. Their albums, at list most of them, were very good and very hears killing, and that all that I'm looking for in a brutal album. Their latest album and maybe their biggest till now, is probably the last chance for me to believe that the brutal scene isn’t dead.

One thing that I can give them a credit for, is that the album is very invested for his kind. We can see it already in the artwork that that looks like a funny comic cartoon, presenting the finally in the world cup in Mexico 1986 (as the name of the album), when Argentina won over Germany. In addition to the cover, it's not a secret that the topic of this album is football, as their previews album- Ehlentscheidung. Why the affection? I don’t know, but the cover and the tracks names (that titled in the names of football players) are clearly express the band's fondness for European football. And of course, the band can't forget to put some violent in the cover and presenting a foul from the game with other elements that showing to the listener that this is a violent album.

When I heard the opening track, "Rinat Dasaev", it's made me very curious about the album, especially because of the excellent intro. But the high threshold that the opening track introduced is falling apart in the next parts that really not trying to be more sophisticated and they are sounds too much connected to each other. "Horst Hrubesch" is much better than the other tracks, seems that the tracks that last more than a minute gives to the band more time to play with the song and make him to more sophisticated. "Enzo Francescoli" is maybe the only short track in the album that actually sounds smart and technically sophisticated.

There also the "long" songs (that continue to more than a minute), "Jorge Burruchaga", "Claudio Caniggia", "Nicolas Foubert", they all sounds great, but still the band destroying the album with the short's and pointless other songs. It's seems like their point in those songs was just to do another song for the album. The production of the album is very good and it's not something that you can see every day. But even all of the investment in the production, the band couldn't hide that those songs are not doing the job.

In the bottom line, there are some good things in the album that can make your head jump up and down, alongside with pointless tracks. But in the end we are looking at the full picture, and the album not doing the job as a hear killing's Grindcore's album. Even so, we can still hear the band's huge experience as producers and as instrumentalists, they are not using their full potential in this album, I thinking that if they were investing a little more time in the songs, they could make a much better album.

3 Star Rating

1. Rinat Dasaev
2. John Fashanu
3. Marco Tardelli
4. Thomas Skuhravy
5. Horst Hrubesch
6. Emilio Butragueno
7. Enzo Francescoli
8. Carlos Valderrama
9. Oleg Protasov
10. Jorge Burruchaga
11. Jose Chilavert
12. Andres Escobar
13. Toni Polster
14. Hidetoshi Nakata
15. Claudio Caniggia
16. Francesco Totti
17. Paulo Futre
18. Zbigniew Boniek
19. Nicolas Foubert
20. Jozsef Kiprich
21. Didier Drogba
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Record Label: Bones Brigade Records


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