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Jesus Chrysler Superskunk - ...The Loudest No! (CD)

Jesus Chrysler Superskunk
...The Loudest No!
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 December 2005, 11:14 PM

It was not more than thirty minutes that I had finished Ephemera's Party's Lamento Ostinato review. I had rather not pick up this specific CD as a follow-up but fate is merciless and there I was. In front of me, the Jesus Chrysler Superskunk album… featuring the same vocalist as in Ephemera's Party. Not my personal favorite, by any means. No prayer for the dying, in my case. And, what kind of name is this?
Drummer Sven Vormann is not unknown. Formerly behind the drum kit in reuinted legends Destruction, Sven contributed work to such albums as All Hell Breaks Loose (2000) and The Antichrist (2001). I had the chance to watch this guy live 4-5 years ago and I was impressed by his personality as a musician, even if he was 'exposed' at an inferior level related to both 'Struction living legends, Schmier and Mike. Anyway, Sven formed this project/band along with Michael Gerstlauer (DryRot, Hatesquad) in 2000 and completed the project's lineup with Thomas Rosenmerkel and Michael Ano Piranio (both now playing in Ephemera's Party, played in Destruction before Sven joined their ranks). Well, Piranio is now out of the camp,  Andy Lutzel Lutzelschwab joined in and Bernhard Erna Matt (ex- 80's cult Thrashers Necronomicon - hail!!!) took care of the 4-string axe. Finito la musica…
I was ready to put out - once again - the Hammer of War, still …The Loudest No! made me think again. Well, life is quite simple at times: place one foot into the 'reunited' Destruction style, set the other one straight into the thin line between American New Heavy Metal (no Shadows Falls or such shit…) and the German/Scandinavian Extreme 00's Metal scene - be it Thrash, Death, Black, Nu or anything you wanna call it, certainly no Hammerfall here - and you got the general idea.
M.T. Head is a 00's Thrash storm while the same titled track is even faster (reminded me of The Haunted - as well as many other tracks). While listening to Dshihad I was quite sure that 'present' Schmier was behind the microphone, even if I found War Routine quite boring. No One Knows My Name lays on the legacy of both Destruction and Slayer/The Haunted and Endtime Music sees interesting guitar leads all the way. Spit A Prayer reminded me of a Slayer/At The Gates/In Flames/Dark Tranquillity mix, if it wasn't for Rosenmerkel's vocals. Christians Vs Lions is the most 'Nu' track (at times) of the album, while Fighting Day was destined to become my favorite. Speedy and dominant, be it. I + I United breathes no interest, although Revolution possesses a more 'US-sided' feeling. Fear Freedom shuts the album in-fashion…
Jesus Chrysler Superskunk is not the kinda name to convince you 'bout a band's Metal supremacy. Still, the music is - mainly - modern Thrash, all players are convincing, Rosenmerkel's vocals will remind you a lot of Rage's Peavey Wagner in extremo and…and…and nothing else! If your Euro Thrash record collection stops at Kreator's Coma Of Souls (1990) or Sodom's Better Off Dead then you should reconsider purchasing this album. If your Euro Thrash record collection starts after the above releases - and you think 'reunited' Destruction play good music - then you already have a personal favorite for this year, so far.

3 Star Rating

M.T. Head
…The Loudest No!
War Routine
No One Knows My Name
Endtime Music
Spit A Prayer
Christians Vs Lions
Fighting Day
I + I United
Fear Freedom
Thomas Rosenmerkel - Vocals
Michael Gerstlauer - Guitar
Bernhard Erna Matt - Bass
Andy Lutzel Lutzelschwab - Guitar
Sven Vormann - Drums
Record Label: Dioxzion Records


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