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Jet Black Kiss - Power Of Three

Jet Black Kiss
Power Of Three
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 June 2015, 1:49 PM

This is Hollywood and everyone is a star, an inspirational saying to get you through the day. I have never been to Hollywood actually so it is hard for me to tell how it feels like, maybe one day. However, what is behind the name might be a vibe catcher, something to get you in line. Anyways, one of its residents, producer / artists Robert S. Liam, aka Simon, has been working on his favored music since 2005, already put out three releases under his belt. Dwelling on the modernity of both Rock and Metal music, “Power Of Three”, following several singles and an EP that came before it, explores the obscurity and greyness of Liam’s environment, sounds and sights of bleakness, industrial spirituality for the creation of an own hazy reality. It has been a while since the embraced myself with a catatonic state of mind, the sliding into the alternative nation. But in overall, gazing through the shade of grey was somewhat inspirational.

First time with Liam’s material, as it has been alien to me up until the first time I played the release just recently, and for one thing, this guy knows how to create an aura of uncertainty, splashes of darkened colors as he forged an alliance with the harshness of everyday life and possibly personal experiences. “Power Of Three” began entangling in the juncture of modern Metal associations such as ROB ZOMBIE, late era DANZIG, FILTER and upon the door steps of DEATHSTARS. Mainly tending to basic riffery and very few lead guitar sections, which didn’t make an impact. “The Flame” and the tough butcher of “Dogs Of War” mostly, though you may also enter the lesser decisive “Zombie Love”, affirmed Liam’s adaptation of Metal music, mechanical but streaming and flowing. The songwriting is rather easy to comprehend, almost Popish in its arrangements but no less thrilling and eventful.

On the other hand, Liam’s noticeable musical clarity right into the blooded entrails of Pop / Rock, which came rather natural to him than his mechanized Metal end. Delving into sounds and echos of NIRVANA, SMASHING PUMPKINS, GUANO APES and the ultra-ashen breaths of PLACEBO, near mid halfway of the album, crossing the GARBAGE cover track, there is the feeling of laid back personality coming to life, less offensive in comparison to the harsher form of the early tracks. Tunes like “Bullet Train” and “Psycho Baby” or the psychotic “I Just Wanted To Kill Her” and peculiar “She's An Alien” and “A Beautiful Day”, took a rather convincing form though all were touched by soaring kind of numbness or some that slowly went down with too much repetitions. The fact is that Liam knows how to create a dopey / druggy type of atmosphere, easy going, within the songs. The guitaring contributed to the electrical veil with largely open chords that set the tone along with the pessimistic vocals shared.

Evidently, “Power Of Three” provide a solid combination of the modernization of Rock and Metal, with occasional memorable songs that might nice MTV2 material, if that channel still exists with all those reality trash shows. It started hard and ended up as if I was looking at the sky in a wintery day, yet with occasional thunders. The cold and sterile feel of several of the tunes didn’t quite contribute but nothing overly sour. Check out this enterprise, I believe you may enjoy it.

3 Star Rating

1. The Flame
2. Dogs Of War
3. Zombie Love
4. Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage Cover)
5. Guns
6. Bullet Train
7. A Beautiful Day
8. Car Crash
9. Psycho Baby
10. We All Must Come Together
11. I Just Wanted To Kill Her
12. She's An Alien
Robert S. Liam – Vocals / All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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