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Jettblack - Raining Rock Award winner

Raining Rock
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 July 2012, 1:01 PM

Two years after they bombed my face with the fine debut release of “Get Your Hands Dirty”, the UK Hard Rock / Heavy Metal fighters, JETTBLACK, returned to spread out the true word, supreme attitude of late 80s meets early 90s, Sleaszy WHITESNAKE meets the notorious UGLY KID JOE, the devilishly charmed MOTLEY CRUE meets the cannonries of AC/DC. So be frank with me, what more do you need in order to have fun? Rock till you drop drunken with Rock N’ Roll power, all in the name of the better life and the never ending feeling of good time. “Raining Rock”, as if in the first place it was aimed to continue where the “2 Hot Girls” left off two years ago. Spinning this album had been one the greatest experiences of mine since the last time I listened to a true Hard N’ Heavy album. I don’t think that I mentioned it before but if I did, please forgive me for repeating myself but Spinefarm Records, I know it’s the British branch and not the Finnish one, should shackle and chain these guys to their building’s walls and back door, don’t let them go anywhere.

In general, JETTBLACK are not offering anything new as paying respects to the old flame of countless, mostly American, line of bands that went dead under the radar after the expulsion Hard Rock and Glam Metal in favour of the Seattle Grunge music and the Alternative nation. The “Raining Rock” album amazingly produced with a sound that fit the band’s image, starts and ends like a blistering fireball or a burning oil-burning stove tuned to 250 degrees waiting to explode. JETTBLACK swarms with catchy lyrics, amazing vocals by Will Stapletonon top along with this peer on the guitars, Jon Dow, as the second in command. The riffing is startling, though a bit expected from this type of genre, but I guarantee you that those will glue themselves to your flesh without letting go, think about a Doberman or a Bulldog biting your ass without letting go, feel the pain. Same as the riffing, the solos smack with no remorse and no regret, classic 80s flames to the side of modest Bluesy oriented sharpened squeals. The rhythm section shared a few hammering moments of rapturous heat that really kick hard with no mercy.

I figured that you already took it that this destructive Rock discharge bombed my senses. The opening flame of “Raining Rock” (With and without Udo Dirkschneider), that superb flagship of a track that defied the rules of the mainstream where singing contest defines music. You just have to watch the song’s video in order to understand the true significance of what we should put down. Alongside this gem there are “Black Gold”, “Weapon”, “Prison of Love”, “Something About this Girl”and “Temptation”aids the band to prove that Rock N’ Roll, or better pronounced today’s Hard N’ Heavy, will triumph. This is a serious contender for the album of the year in my bill.


4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Raining Rock
3. Less Torque, More Trust
4. Prison of Love
5. System
6. Black Gold
7. Something About this Girl
8. Sunshine
9. Temptation
10.Never Gonna Give it Up
11.In-Between Lovers
12.Side of the Road
13.The Sweet and the Brave
14.Raining Rock (Feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
Will Stapleton - Vocals / Guitar
Jon Dow - Vocals / Guitar
Matt Oliver - Drums
Tom Wright - Bass
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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