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Jettblack - Get Your Hands Dirty Award winner

Get Your Hands Dirty
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 December 2010, 11:12 AM

I can positively say that the Hard N' Heavy style is back for good and I am not talking about Glam Metal, which took a wild turn since the rising of the Swedish scene. When I say Hard N' Heavy I mean by being influenced by bands such as SKID ROW, WHITESNAKE, 70's-early 80's of AEROSMITH, some MOTLEY CRUE. Although there are some orientations to Glam Metal, and its hard not recognize it, the touch of Rock N' Roll is a lot more evident in this type style. In that note I present the wonderful showdown of the UK band of JETTBLACK. Everything from smooth to raw and dirty, full of free will to hardcore partying, its all wrapped up in the same package deal of their debut album "Get Your Hands Dirty".

Being influenced by some of the greatest bands in the business, JETTBLACK display in 2010 the fine ingredients needed for a well-done 80's Hard Rock/Metal driven album. With a great sound production. made by Dan Weller & Justin Hill (two major prospects producers in the UK), followed by a hard not to miss golden 80's sound that embraced the striking riffages with the love embrace they need. With the insurgence of "Get Your Hands Dirty", JETTBLACK offered a variety of catchy hits. From touchy power ballads as "Not Even Love" and "Innocence Is Mine" through hard rolling sex mechanisms as "Two Hot Girls", "Slip It On" and "Get Your Hands Dirty" to some WHITESNAKE like women loving with "War Between Us" and "When It Comes To Lovin".

In addition, maybe one of the stronger sparking figures of the band, besides the overall rating of the crew, is the vocal section. With high measure of efforts, vocalist Will Stapleton is the new mixture of David Coverdale (WHITESNAKE), Jani Lane (WARRANT) and Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW). It was really hard for me not to get addicted to that kind of voice. Let's say that if the rockin' music won't do it for you, which is really weird if it won't, this guy will surely will.

Even though most of the music will not be that new to many of you guys, however, I couldn't ignore the top notch performance, the sound and the spitted youthfulness out of these foursome crew. "Get Your Hands Dirty" can easily join the fine line of the classic Hard N' Heavy albums of the 80's. In my end, this album is JETTBLACK's golden coin and a great start for a hopeful career.

4 Star Rating

Slip It On Two Hot Girls When It Comes To Lovin' Fooled By A Rose War Between Us Get Your Hands Dirty Not Even Love Mother Fucker Sleep HoldingInnocence Is Mine
Will Stapleton - Vocals, Guitars
Jon Dow - Vocals, Guitars
Tom Wright - Bass
Matt Oliver - Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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