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Jim Peterik & World Stage - Tigress: Women Who Rock the World Award winner

Jim Peterik & World Stage
Tigress: Women Who Rock the World
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 17 January 2022, 3:00 PM

Some musical projects are really wonderful (and some others are just a waste of time and effort), because there are musicians that are still working hard to make things work out as they planned. And it’s amazing to see a veteran as Jim Peterick (founder of SURVIVOR, and writer of the hit “Eye of the Tiger”, the theme song of “Rocky III”, and a famous writer of songs who worked with names as 38 SPECIAL, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, BLACKHAWK, CHEAP TRICK, SAMMY HAGAR, REO SPEEDWAGON, THE BEACH BOYS and many others, what means that if you don’t know them, you must go back to the Rock ‘n’ Roll books) working as an workaholic even being 71 years old. And his new work under the name JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGE, the album “Tigress: Women Who Rock the World” shows that he’ll be with us for many years.

This time, the release is based on a set of female invited musicians who contributed with their talent (once more: if you don’t know names as Jennifer Batten, Janet Gardner or Cathy Richardson, back to Rock ‘n’ Roll classes now). And the songs are in a Rock ‘n’ Roll/AOR trend, which means a melodic and accessible form of music that can be understood and assimilated by everyone, with fine and elegant arrangements on songs filled with charming melodies and catchy choruses. Obviously, “Tigress: Women Who Rock the World” is really great, so dive into it. The production did a fine work, defining the sonority to follow a model similar to the one used during the 80’s: with a clean and defined approach, allowing the songs to be fully understood, but without using endless digital editions that would destroy the organic feeling. It’s really excellent.

All the songs are excellent, and being honest, is another proof of how girls really do great things in music (even with some macho conservative trying to put them down). And how lovely are moments as the silk aggressive approach used on “Tigress”, the excellent melodic appeal that is usual on the 80’s AOR heard on “Prom Night in Pontiac”, the amazing contrasts that are heard on “A Cappella” and on “Living for the Moment”, the lovely set of melodies (improved by the guitar solos) of “Against the Grain” and “Strong Against the Wind” (this one a powerful ballad), the wild Hard Rock/AOR feeling that fills “Full Moon Crazy”, the deeper and expressive outfit of the ballad “Lazarus Heart” and on the Soft Rock called “Taller”, and it’s enough! The other songs (“The Best in Us”, “Dear Life”, “Walk Like Royalty”, “Music in the Aire”, “Sin to Believe a Lie”, “Stronger at the Broken Places” and “Brave is Beautiful”) are all as good as the previous ones.

Another fine piece from the hands of Jim, so dive into the beauties that are offered on “Jim Peterik & World Stage - Tigress: Women Who Rock the World”.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Tigress
2. Prom Night in Pontiac
3. A Cappella
4. Living for the Moment
5. Against the Grain
6. Strong Against the Wind
7. Full Moon Crazy
8. Lazarus Heart
9. Taller
10. The Best in Us
11. Dear Life
12. Walk Like Royalty
33. Music in the Aire
14. Sin to Believe a Lie
15. Stronger at the Broken Places
16. Brave is Beautiful
Jim Peterik - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Additional Instruments, Additional Guitar, Bass Synth, Bass, Mellotron
Kimi Hayes - Vocals
Marine Lacoste - Vocals
Lindsay Kent - Vocals
Leslie Hunt - Vocals
Kate French - Vocals
Chez Kane - Vocals
Cathy Richardson - Vocals
Chloe Lowery - Vocals
Rosa Laricchiuta - Vocals
Janet Gardner - Vocals
Jennifer Batten - Guitars
Nile Brosh - Guitars
Abigail Stanshmidt - Violin
Ashley Reeve - Bass
Mindi Abair - Sax, Harmony Vocals
Sina - Drums
Anika Nilles - Drums
Linda Mcdonald - Drums
Madden Klas - Drums
Ed Breckenfeld - Drums
Colin Peterik - Drums
Mike Aquino - Additional Guitars
Joel Hoekstra - Additional Guitars
Tom Yankton - Additional Guitars
Scott May - B3
Christian Cullen - Orchestrations
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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