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Jimi Hendrix Tribute - The Spirit Lives On; The Music Of Jimi Hendrix V.2 (CD)

Jimi Hendrix Tribute
The Spirit Lives On; The Music Of Jimi Hendrix V.2
by Grigoris Chronis at 23 November 2004, 9:28 AM

This is the second and final volume of the Hendrix tribute coming from Lion Music. Volume II contains Jimi Hendrix's music in new cool versions from the best artists of the label. No man has influenced the modern guitar more than Jimi and here comes a humble thank you for the inspiration. This album is not a cover band project, there are some very inspired versions to be found here as the label claims.
Well, I think that there is probable an over-exaggeration in producing tons of cover albums every month, which means that sometimes the record company's intentions in general aren't so naive, but on the other hand it's nice to hear fresh ideas (in the majority of cases) or interesting interpretations of certain artists when they pay tribute to their inspirators and idols. Bearing that in mind what you get to hear here is a quite interesting compilation of Jimi's legacy to the future generations but since it is a Volume II compilation the majority of the gems has been absorbed by Volume I.
Maybe the most interesting part of this compilation comes from Winterlong's cover on Purple Haze. It is also worthwile to mention Chris Poland's participation in certain leads of the classical Room Full Of Mirrors. Eternal diamonds such as Voodoo Chile are missing here but you get enough satisfaction by listening to renewed versions of classics such as Red House and Manic Depression. Jimi's early departure for eternal Heavens didn't give us the opportunity to fill our music libraries with an excess of his talent, even though what he recorded is much more than a Guitar Bible. So covering his most brilliant moments is another way of enriching his undoubted legacy.
I am sure that when James Marshall Hendrix listen to this piece of music from Heaven he will certainly be pleased to hear he is still influencing people but can't be copied in any way. So do the same and enjoy the new proposals from the artists but keep you ear open for the true Jimi's expression. Until we meet again Jimi!
(Thanks To: Panos Koutsobendrix)

4 Star Rating

Lars Eric Mattson & Chris Poland - Roomful Of Mirrors
Winterlong - Purple Haze
Dave Martone - Angel
Project Alcazar - Manic Depression
Torben Enevoldsen - Who Knows
Lars Eric Mattson & James Byrd - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Tony Hernando - Red House
Tommy Denander - Them Changes
Condition Red - Villanova Junction
Baltimoore - Freedom
Record Label: Lion Music


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