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Joe Satriani - Is There Love In Space (CD)

Joe Satriani
Is There Love In Space
by Grigoris Chronis at 15 August 2004, 10:25 PM

Blip….Blop…Weeezzz! Earth calling Supernova J.S., Joe do you copy? Well, after a live and a best of album the master of instrumental shred is back! Joe has activated his Space Love Sensors again and offers us a variety of tracks ranging from pure hard rock to free jazz improvisations based all upon his truly unique style.
The truth is that Joe's latest album lies a bit lower - in inspiration and variety of songs - from his previous work “Strange Beautiful Music (2002), if somebody wants to be very strict but on the other hand his new artistic creation proves his endless love and devotion to the 6-string goddess, as well as his never ending dedication in writing catchy instrumental stuff, mostly focusing in the musicality more, rather than the artistic side of his songs.
The whole musical concept of this alum doesn't diversify hugely from his previous work. Here you will find excellent guitar work but most of all fresh ideas, inspirational musical phrases, music that sometimes speaks for itself more than words but mainly melodies to whistle all day!
As Joe says “I've played metal, I've played jazz, I've played blues, I've played various stuff, now it's time to play some rock. You should also note that there are 2 songs with vocals in it! Woa! The truth though is that Joe uses his vocals as an additional musical instrument and not as a Bruce Dickinson type vocalist!
So, raise your hands in the air and if you consider yourself as a natural music lover, a quality seeker, a devoted to guitar Passionist and still believe that there is love in space, grab this diamond and make it a part of your everyday life!
Top Tracks: Hands In The Air - Up In Flames - If I Could Fly
(Satch thanx: Koutsoboxiani)

4 Star Rating

Up In Flames
Hands In The Air
Is There Love In Space
If I Could Fly
The Souls Of Distortion
Just Look Up
I Like The Rain
Dog With Crown & Earring
Joe Satriani - Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
Matt Bissonette - Bass
Jeff Campitelli - Drums, Percussion
John Cuniberti - Tambourine
Record Label: Epic Records


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