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Joel Grind's Yellowgoat - The Yellowgoat Sessions

Joel Grind's Yellowgoat
The Yellowgoat Sessions
by Drago at 14 February 2013, 12:00 PM

Joel Grind is the mastermind behind the hugely successful retro Thrash / Black Metal band TOXIC HOLOCAUST. Along with MIDNIGHT and SATAN'S WRATH, they are paving the way for bringing back the sounds of early SODOM, MOTORHEAD and VENOM. Starting out as a one man band TOXIC HOLOCAUST released the following brain crushing albums “Evil Never Dies” and “Hell on Earth”. Grind wrote, recorded and played all of the instruments and skyrocketed the band onto the metal scene. As TOXIC HOLOCAUST started to gain more momentum the project turned into a full time band and they released the stunning “Conjure and Command.” Well, Grind is back at it again with his latest release “The Yellowgoat Sessions.”

This is not the new TOXIC HOLOCAUST release as Grind is so prolific that he felt this material would work better as a side project and would again return to the days of being solo. Grind once again plays all of the instrumentation and handles the vocals on this record. The material is not far removed from early TOXIC HOLOCAUST and the “The Yellowgoat Sessions” can sit alongside some of their best material.

All of the ingredients that make Joel Grind amazing are present as his vocals are drenched in reverb; fast picked blazing guitar riffs and Grind’s penchant for writing a great Metal song are all over this release. Only being 8 proper songs, they are bookended with an ambient intro and outro, “The Yellowgoat Sessions” clocks in at just less than 25 minutes. It is a fast, enjoyable, easy listen. One that I listened to multiple times in a row since it flew by so fast.

Starting out with the ripping “Hell’s Master of Hell” the riff is a perfect hybrid of early MOTORHEAD and METALLICA while Grind’s crushing vocal recalls a young Tom Angelripper from SODOM. The record seems to hit its stride when Joel ups the tempo and the band is playing their brand of speed metal, especially on the ridiculously awesome “Cross Damnation”. A chorus that batters your skull relentlessly so that you just can’t help to chant along with Grind’s demonic vocals. The riff is as cool and addictive as Joel has ever written. Destruction’s influence is heard on “Black Order” as the chorus riff is similar to their classic song “Mad Butcher.” The Anthemic “Hail to Cruelty” ends the record on a high note, as its blend of Black and Speed Metal riffing is the perfect example of the amazing material Joel Grind vomits out.

For any TOXIC HOLOCAUST fan this release is a no brainer. Also, the fans of their earlier material that think that they have “sold out” on their later records should eat this up. It is an amazing throwback record to the early days of Joel Grind’s career when he was paying tribute to the Metal bands that he worships. The songs are memorable and just plain a blast to listen to. A perfect bone to throw to his legion of fans that are dying for the next TOXIC HOLOCAUST record, this is one hell of a stopgap release.

4 Star Rating

1. Ascension (Intro)
2. Hell’s Master of Hell
3. Vengeance Spell
4. Foul Spirit Within
5. Cross Damnation
6. Grave Encounters
7. Black Order
8. The Eternal One
9. Hail to Cruelty
10. Descension (Outro)
Joel Grind – All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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