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John 5 and The Creatures - Season of the Witch Award winner

John 5 and The Creatures
Season of the Witch
by JOGANEGAR at 29 June 2017, 5:50 AM

I wonder what the guys and gals that Heard Vivaldi or Mozart for the first time, listening to a galaxy of notes entwined so perfectly that all the cells in their body started reacting with a vigorous reassurance of its long-forgotten connection with the endless cosmos felt, but I guess it was something like what I felt when I first heard this album from beginning to end. My heart literally exploded with joy and I busted into tears with the legato in “The Black Grass Plague” I just couldn’t help it, I wonder if it were all the broken guitar dreams or just a simple physical response to the overflow of perfection that the countless hours of alchemic production and songwriting that rendered this record whole. Just listen to “The Black Grass Plague” and “Now Fear This” and perhaps you will understand what I am talking about.

My first ever reference to this record was the mind blowing video of the track “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” an homage to the Planet of the Apes and without a doubt one of the most mind blowing videos I have seen in a long while, depicting three apes full of prowess and a song that really has no point of comparison to anything I have ever heard before, a quite visual and musical catharsis that is just too important for me to let out of this refence for the amazing quality which it represents to enthusiasts of creativity and groundbreaking products of contemporary art. The first time I came across this artist as a guitarist for the Antichrist Superstar, I never in all my wildest dreams pictured him as what he is today, a modern Guitar Hero in the same standard as an Eddie Van Halen was at the moment of its peak and a restless carrier of the torch of kick ass music throughout time and space in this ever chaotic times we are living.

Ever since the very first sounds emerge out of the Season of the Witch, this record is an outstanding example of both musical and production creativity and performance; the way “Book of Spells” is connected to “The Black Grass Plague” is a case of musicianship both on behalf of the musicians and the producer with a flawless precision and the necessary timing to create an unforgettable effect on the listener of any age. The scale progression or however you call that sublime and marvelous succession of notes in both “The Black Grass Plague” and “The Book of Spells” has no comparison to anything I have ever had the pleasure of listening to before.

This record goes from traditional Americana seasoned with metaphysical shredding and classical rock style melodic movements that have references to both Earl Scruggs and Jason Becker, for a lack of a more suitable term, I am going to adventure myself to call this album outstanding and extraordinary If this is the product of so many years of human evolution, then I am proud to call myself a human. Genres are to primitive to describe what really goes on with this genuine work of art by John Five and the amazingly versed and talented musicians that took part in this album with him, Cheers to John, and as hard as it may seem for us fans, may you keep the incredible flow of amazing music growing with every passing day; Glorious, a work of perfection.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Book of Spells
2. The Black Grass Plague
3. Guitars Tits and Monsters
4. Now Fear This
5. Behind the Nut Love
6. Making Monsters
7. Dr. Evil’s Spookshow
8. Here’s to the Crazy Ones
9. The Macabre
10. Ddd
11. Hell Haw I.G.R.
12. Ode to Jasper
13. Season of the Witch
John 5 - Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
Ian Ross - Bass
Rodger Carter – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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