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John, the Void – EP

John, the Void
by H.P. Buttcraft at 22 December 2014, 2:58 PM

Does anyone else find it peculiar how the band JOHN, THE VOID doesn’t have any members named John in it? Are they trying to be like PINK FLOYD, MOLLY HATCHET or NORMA JEAN where the name is just part of the band? How did this Italian sludge metal band even come up with the name anyhow? Maybe there are some things that the human race is better off not knowing.

The Italian sludge metal outfit JOHN, THE VOID has debuted with this self-titled EP. It opens up with a very industrial-sounding ambient intro filled with cold, mechanical noises and sets the listener up for an album that seems like it would sound something like JESU or AUTHOR & PUNISHER. But when the music kicks in on the track “In Rows”, the bleakness changes shape from a robotic structure of mercilessness into a big, hairy swamp creature of thick guitar riffs and bellowing harsh vocal screams.

The cold, hollow ambiance of the record is immersive. It’s easy to get lost in the sonic journeys that JOHN, THE VOID create especially when you’re not paying close attention to what is being played. Its music that is good even without a lot of investment from your attention.

The hooks on the four songs that encompass the record are expertly crafted. It reminds me a lot of riffs from EYEHATEGOD, ACID BATH and CROWBAR, bands that are notorious for having massive, dense weights pulling and pushing down with every downbeat of their songs. JOHN, THE VOID would find an easy spot amongst bands of that caliber.

This was certainly a great debut release from JOHN, THE VOID that you should definitely look into. If you’re into bands like THE BODY, CONAN and NEUROSIS then JOHN, THE VOID should be right up your alley.

3 Star Rating

1. The Eleventh
2. In Rows
3. Quiescence
4. The Reversionist
5. Ascension
6. The Seventh
M. – Vocals and Electronics
M. – Guitars
M. – Guitars
M. – Bass
A. – drums
Record Label: Independent


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