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John 5 - Vertigo (CD)

John 5
by Thanos Raikos at 17 August 2004, 10:33 PM

 I always believe that the first look at something plays a really big and important role. So when I looked at the cover artwork of John 5's Vertigo my first thought was Oh my god what's this?. It looked like electro/gothic to me or something like; music I definitely don't like. But when I put the CD on my player my first opinion changed.
Thank god it wasn't something Gothic (I don't like that kind of music and it's my personal opinion and nothing more); I couldn't believe my ears!! It's 13 instrumental songs all based on guitar. The composer is Marilyn Manson's x-guitar player, John 5 (real name: John Lowery).
All the songs are based on guitar as I said but only the electric guitar. I mean a lot of songs are like old country songs, like Pulling Strings and Liberty but songs like Zugg Island Convict and Needles Ca are more in the Satriani and Vai style. Also the song Sweet Georgia Brown reminds me of the theme of an old animated movie. There are a few elements that also remind me of Marilyn Manson of course.
Vertigo is an album with songs full of solos and guitar effects. I think that only the fans of Marilyn Manson and John 5 will probably enjoy this album.

2 Star Rating

Needles Ca
Feisty Cadavers
Pulling Strings
Sugar Foot Rag
Dead Man's Dream
Sweet Georgia Brown
Flatlines, Thin Lines
18969 Ventura Blvd
Zugg Island Convict
Salt Creek
John 5 - Guitars
Record Label: Mascot Records


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