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Johnny Touch - Inner City Wolves

Johnny Touch
Inner City Wolves
by Jessica Howkins at 16 July 2014, 4:03 PM

“Inner City Wolves” is the debut album from Australian Heavy Metal band, JOHNNY TOUCH.

It’s refreshing to put on a new release and hear an album that sounds like it’s been thrown out of the era(s) that bought us JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and DIO.

The album is something that shows Heavy Metal at its finest in the modern world. Whilst the Metal world is constantly evolving and splitting off into more sub-genres than it’s worth counting, it’s beautiful to see that the true roots of Heavy Metal aren’t forgotten, are still played with the passion that was had at the start of the birth of Metal and can still kick as much ass.

I wouldn’t particularly say that JOHNNY TOUCH are a popular band that can be recognizable to everyone around the world but after the release of “Inner City Wolves” – prepare your wonderful selves and get ready to be taken by storm with what could be one of the best rising bands of the 21st century.

With the absolute talent and skill that’s held within each and every track on “Inner City Wolves”, in the guitar solo of “The Metal Embrace”, in the entire production, in the soaring vocals and in the chemistry between band members during playing – it’s hard to tell these guys have only been around for 6 years.

“Radiation Axeposure” – the track of the album for Heavy Metal guitarists (air players, you too). Whilst each track on the album shows the complexity that is thrown in, the passion that the musicians have for their music, it’s obvious to tell that through this track alone, the influences and the pure dedication these guys have on making it to the very top.

The release from the Australians is sure to leave a footprint on the world of Heavy Metal, grab your leather, your woman (or man), steal (or buy, Metal Temple does not encourage to steal, unless in the name of Metal) a Harley Davidson (preferably not off a member of a Biker Gang) and you cruise down that highway to one of the best releases of the year “Inner City Wolves”.

5 Star Rating

1. It’s Alright
2. The Metal Embrace
3. Lady Stutter
4. Radiation Axeposure
5. Dishonourable Discharge
6. End of Daze
7. Bitch of a Son
8. Black Company
Pahl Hodgson – Vocals
Jamie Whyte – Guitars
Inphiltraitor – Bass
Denny Blake – Drums, Guitars
Record Label: Shadow Kingdom Records


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