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Johnny Wore Black - Walking Underwater Pt. 2

Johnny Wore Black
Walking Underwater Pt. 2
by Isha Shah at 11 December 2014, 10:10 PM

With its main focus on Jay (Johnny Wore Black), the album also features David Ellefson, whose contribution is a “unique flair” to the album. As a second part to “Walking Underwater”, “Pt. 2” comes from the equally as impressive “Pt. 1” with poetic sounds that intertwine into melodies that are built together emotionally.

The opening track, “Firefly”, takes hold of an electronic influenced sound, as it fires you up as a starter track, with its edgy grooves that make you want to rock around the room. Instrumentally, the track highlights the rugged based riff that is layered repeatedly throughout while solidly spoken vocals are plastered on top. Each element is combined to create a postmodern piece of music that still holds a rock ’n roll aura.

Each track doesn’t let loose all at once, as the build up of tension awaited in the first few seconds add to the blasting vocals that are powered through. With a follow on to “A Cut Above” being the best track, even more electronic vibes are seeping through with this modern rock atmosphere is released.

Similar vibes are given off with “Comfy Slippers” and “Fallen Angel”, with deeper and darker tones experienced, these tracks give you a whole new unique feel. With Jay’s vocal are calming and allure you in.

Gift of Desperation” launches, buried with even more beaten paths, that have a saddening tone to it. However, its placement is soon then lifted back up post tracks that bring back the elecro noises conjured together. Straying towards the latter end of the album, “Whose Children” produces vibrated lyrical sounds that are techno-filled. Again another beautifully composed dark track that dips and swerves in all directions to produce a whirlwind of sounds that collectively works together.

Their progressive sound appears of great unrest, as excited feelings are gathered when listening as JOHNNY WORE BLACK certainly do have a clear bright future shown by what they have already created, it has already appealed massively. Clearly an immaculate album has come from “Walking Underwater Pt. 2”, which shows real potential as musicians.

4 Star Rating

1. Firefly
2. A Cut Above
3. Comfy Slippers
4. Fallen Angel
5. Gift of Desperation
6. I Do Dissolve
7. Noise
8. Shine On
9. Whose Children
10. Winter In July
Simon Hutchby - Drummer
Pete Mathers - Guitarist
James Coppolaro - Guitarist
David Ellefson - Bassist
Jay - Vocals
Record Label: Dead Cherry


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